bad planning

… and the resultant whining:

i am at work. i did not bring a lunch, nor do i have my car. i am stranded. and i am hungry. i was hoping/planning on (a) all the medicine i’m taking keeping my appetite down, and (b) there being some provisions in the goodie drawer. there were a few crackers. i ate them this morning. i drank much coffee, fortified with creamer-powder and sugar. i took my medicine. my back was nerving at me, (maybe it’s hungry too?) so i ate a vicodin, half at a time, you’d think that would make me happy. but no. i ate several berry-flavored tums from the breakroom, because they’re good for me. i may go get a couple more of those, they’re yummy.

so i have hours to go (it’s the theme of the week, me having hours to go before i can leave work). and desperation sets in. i rummage. i find a half eaten cadbury egg. you know, from easter time. i trim off the crustiest parts and eat the rest. i hope i don’t die. can you die from old cadbury eggs?

i chewed nicotine gum. i drank tons of water. i have some chocolate coffee beans (however they have been rolling around in my desk drawer since last year). i’m considering them.

13 thoughts on “bad planning

  1. lol. go ahead eat the beans. they may have good effects…=) and as far as the cadbury egg, no i don’t think you’ll die but it may not be too tasty. was it?

  2. no. it sucked. it was hardly recognizable as a cadbury egg, but it did resemble food. so i’m ok with it.

  3. God, how I love chocolate covered coffee beans. It’s like my two favorite things all rolled into one. yummy.

    Can you get anything delivered to your office? We used to have this place in Alabama called Steak Out–they made steaks and other yummy things and you called and they brought it to your office.

    Shit! I’m homesick AND hungry now. :/

  4. eh — it’s only an hour or so to go. and it’s not like i’m wasting away to nothing. i could live off the fat of one asscheek for a couple weeks, i’m sure. i just like to whine 🙂

  5. poor kd!
    vicodin + coffee beans must have been interesting – so much caffeine! Don’t forget, besides caffeine vicodin is chock full of purgatives to keep you from ODing. It’s best to take your one dose and be done with it, no half dose now and half later and for sure no whole dose now and more later, to avoid prolonged icky-tummy. Which just makes me want to eat something massive and starchy to overwhelm the sensation, anyway.

    You remind me that I probably have *really* old and gross power bars in my box-o-office-stuff. Maybe if I unpack it now I’ll get a job tomorrow…

  6. i didn’t actually eat the coffee beans – they have been rolling loose in my top drawer since christmastime. and, the whole thing of taking vicodins half by half, has kept me from feeling too hungry. and here it is ten after four! this is good. i have made it.

  7. Hmmm, depending on where my back stands on the hot-fire-knife-cracking-in-half pain, I take my two-a-day Vicodin all at once, makes me feel kind of nice. I like it.

    But it in no way suppresses my appetite. Fact is, I feel so good I eat more.

    I think you should pack an emergency stash in case this ever happens again……….box of crispy crackers, maybe some trail mix, a box of Pot-of-Gold trifle chocolates(NOT!), even some apples or something. Check the fruit for damage once in a while, though. Call it your survival kit. That’s what I’d do.

    I don’t really remember back that far, but I think I was a Girl Scout at one time. Or a Campfire girl. Hell, who knows.

  8. I don’t think Cadbury eggs expire. There’s nothing natural in it.
    I had a chocolate house in my desk for four months… as long as you don’t have bugs in your office, I think chocolate can last forever.

    Of course you can be in the hospital, getting your stomach pumped as I post this, … so don’t quote me on this stuff, ok? :0)

  9. did no co-worker offer you a snack, or to run out to get you something? was there no pizza delivery joint you could call? What is with California?

  10. well, having food delivered is rather pricey – and i don’t really, er, have a big work social life, so i didn’t want to go up to people that think i’m weird, to say, i’m starving.

    besides, it’s not like i was going to fade away, y’know?

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