blog-related dreaming

dreaming: there were kittens by the freeway offramp! i pulled over and rescued two of them, then there was a whole pile of more cats but they looked dead, but were just asleep. they ran away fast and i lost the other two kittens chasing them. they went into a lawyers office and disappeared. that’s where i met rebecca blood and she wanted me to buy her book, and i said no, i already know how to blog, and she didn’t even ask me for my URL! we were downtown, going to this new restaurant, and in the process we found a map of which restaurants give free food and special parking spaces to local politicians. and of course, my legs were hairy. i had some white tights that i kept taking off because they didn’t go with my outfit, then i’d realize why i had them on in the first place.

2 thoughts on “blog-related dreaming

  1. HAHAHA! great dream, especially about the white tights! i’ve been taking psychoneurotic drugs for the past few days and my dream life is definitely improving.

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