it’s official — skarlet and i are going to be blogathonning for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. we’re doing a team blog so we can discuss the issues all night and into the next day, to raise awareness as we’re raising funds.

to sponsor us, click that button in the sidebar – the big obvious red one.

why the EFF? there are so many worthy non-profit organizations out there. i’ve picked this one because i’m particularly alarmed by the complacency i’ve seen as regards the infringements on our digital privacy. and there are very powerful, very weathly interests who are very well represented in this area, and the voices of dissent are so easily silenced. and it’s so much more than the fact that the digital content providers see us all as pirates waiting to pounce on their product, or the government wanting to track us through digital image recognition, national ID cards, and carte blanche in invading our online privacy.

right now there are so many other issues distracting us from what’s being done to slowly take away our rights, the rights we treasure. what happens if we ignore this? years from now, when our quality of life has deteriorated, when our ability to enjoy the benefits of technology is rigidly restricted, when it’s open season on our private lives, when big brother is something we shrug off and accept because it’s always been that way, we will regret not standing up and fighting for our rights.

i’m supporting the EFF because it opposes the Orwellian future that the powers that be have in mind for us. they’re good at convincing us it’s for our own good, but rather than listen and just believe, let’s examine the issues.

if you can contribute, even a little, that would be wonderful. and if not, we’re looking to get into some lively debates, so you could support us by showing up and arguing with us — helping us delve into the issues and really understand them from a variety of viewpoints. plus, it’ll help keep us awake.

22 thoughts on “blogathon

  1. kd, you rock. will you chat with me and help me stay awake all night/day? i’m blogging for VDAY. wooo! i’m so excited for this!

  2. heck yeah. i think there’s going to be a lot of overuse of the free long distance sprint gives me too. we should all exchange phone numbers (hell, i can do three ways on my phone) so we can keep yelling at each other WAKE THE HELL UP!!!

  3. okay, i officially nominate myself for ‘living in a different time zone and therefore able to wake you up at odd moments’-duty. and sponsor, of course. in the week that the british government decided not to give themselves unlimited access to emails and other stuff, how could i resist?!

  4. Okay!
    I made a donation.
    I think it is going to be harder and harder to maintain privacy.
    I found out that just be doing a Google search, so much can be found out about me. All my opinons via comments, and entries…
    Its scary..
    Alot can be found out just by knowing your SS or credit card #….

  5. I’ve been a member of the EFF for a while. I’m worried by the trend towards Big Brother control of the Internet too. Good luck with BlogaThon.

  6. ok so i’ve made the blogathon its own sidebar section and added a thingy to my linky DB for sponsors. the only thing is i have a Suzie that i’m not entirely sure is the Suzie i think it is — so do add a comment if you sponsor, so you can be credited.

    the list of sponsors, as well as a list of folks who’ve promised to hang out and talk issues, will be on the eventual blogathon blog which will be at as soon as i go do that subdomain thingy.

    going there now. have neato design ideas for the ‘thon blog. it will use these site skins as a basis for design, somehow. i have all these crazy ideas.

    it’s going to be such fun!

  7. You’re inviting folks to three-ways with us, KD? That’s probably an excellent way to make money but I suspect we’ll need our own legal defense fund if we get caught 😉

  8. note: if you sponsor us, could you please also drop me a line, because i’m keeping a record of all the sponsorships to backup the records kept by blogathon.

    just email kd at kdblog dot com with what information (if any) you’d like used in your link in the sidebar — i won’t link you if you don’t want to be linked, but i feel better knowing i’m keeping track of our sponsors.


  9. I’d love to be able to sponsor yall, but I’m so broke it’s not even funny *counts pennies to buy gas for car*, so I’m sponsoring yall in theory, have fun!

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