fear and toys at 2am

so. i was tired, and i needed rest. so i installed Soap::Lite and LWP::UserAgent and got an API key from google and made a new section in the individual pages for google results relating to the title. i may or may not keep the thing, it seems cumbersome. but, it’s a toy, and i could no longer resist.

in other news there is a huge moth in here. somewhere. i heard the noise – the flutter-tap, flutter-tap-tap, faint and menacing. i looked at kitty to see if he was up to something, and he was looking around for the noise too. then i saw it. huge. size and shape of the space shuttle perched on the ceiling. my skin begins to crawl as i realize this powerful creature is too fast, too fluttery and unpredictable, and up too high for me to do anything.

so my skin is crawling. the moth heads south across the room, losing altitude, not looking like he felt well. and let me tell you ailing bugs bug me as much or more than the healthy variety. you just never know where they’ll land, flailing about.

i’m going to have to try to sleep sometime. in this room. with this moth.

at least i have the google API installed. ha. like that helps.

22 thoughts on “fear and toys at 2am

  1. i’m not sure how i like the google thing. i mean, i’m seeing my own blog in the results of some of the older entries — how useless is that? and i’ve put the trackback stuff in the individual entry pages, but receiving a ping does not rebuild the page — therefore you can’t see newer pings till someone comments.

    not sure how i feel about that. i like having everything in the individual entry pages, because … well, i just do.


  2. Speaking of Silence of the lambs, of you have the tape or the dvd… you should *really* look close at the moth. It’s not a skull, it’s three people going down on each other. Seriously.

    That was my graphic designer humour tip of the day…

  3. Ack! Moth! I’m so thankful to live where the 747 sized moths don’t seem to exist (MA…prolly to cold for ’em). But when I lived in Hawaii, many was the night when I came home and found a moth the size of a large bird spread out on my front door. And I’d have to go in the back door, so as not to disturb the damned thing into flying into my living room. One once dive bombed me in an open air restaurant I worked in, in Hawaii. I ran screaming and cowered. My boss almost pissed himself laughing.

  4. ok, i may have been exaggerating about the size. “bird” — no, not like birds. but you know, body the size of a large thumb, short snubby wings, you know, lookied like the space shuttle.

    the bugs always seem bigger when it’s 2AM and i know i’m not getting any help with them, it’s just me an the bug, and screaming is not an option.

  5. It’s not the wing span that concerns me, it’s the size/girth of the body. That’s ugly, buggy part. If they could just eliminate that…

  6. I will attest to Jen’s description of moths in Hawai’i. We currently have one who likes the space under the window air conditioner; it seems to think with a little more effort, it could get inside. The ceiling fan might deter the critter if only it knew what a fan was.

  7. the creepiest part about “silence of the lambs” was the death’s head moth on jody foster’s mouth in the ads. ack! i just shuddered.

    p.s. hey kd, will you upgrade me?

  8. the upgrade itself is pretty easy — just uploading new files. you don’t really need the MySQL, that’s the tricky part.

    and, in other news, i’ve changed the ‘google it’ to use the excerpt for the entry. seems like it might make for some strange googling.

  9. is the version number different? that, and a new template in the misc. templates called “trackback” is the only different-looking thing.

    when you get your trackback in, we can ping each other!

    i love pinging. ping, ping, ping.

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