fire light

the wolf fire is still burning, some 50 miles away (it was the cause of the monday morning ashfall here). and even without a whole lot of visible smoke in the air, it’s turned the color of the light to something quite extrordinary. for example: my car is a deep gray with distinctly cool amethyst undertones. it’s practically purple – couldn’t tell, eh? and here’s the afternoon sky, and later in the evening. i should have driven somewhere to get better pictures of that sky, but i’m feeling a little wheezier than usual, so i’m taking it easy. fire’s still burning out of control as it has been since saturday, with no containment in sight and explosively dry brush conditions.

in other news, here’s kurtwood enjoying a very cozy time with his new Rayman game — what a great learning game. it plays like a sonic or crash bandicoot type game, but slower paced and with very soothing music, and to advance you must recognize numbers, letters, and sounds.

that’s been the news and weather, i’d like to thank the lovely free graphics program ‘the gimp’ for making resizing and optimizing those images a breeze. i have a deep appreciation for quality free stuff.

12 thoughts on “fire light

  1. The Gimp always confused me. I’m too used to photoshop, I think. Every time you post about something linux I wanna build my box right. this. minute. *sigh*

    BTW: What model digital camera do you use? I’m looking into getting one and I’m looking for suggestions.

  2. mine is old and was purchased used – it’s an olympus d340r, 1.3 megapixel, no zoom, very basic. i highly recommend olympus cameras in general.

    there’s nothing like having a digicam to illustrate your blog posts. i just love it.

  3. Linux makes for a good devloping tool simply because, unlike Micro$haft software, it’s all designed to be economical with memory and so stable that not even pulling the hard-drive out while it’s still on can topple it…well maybe it can, but you get my point. It’s also got a good enough interface that you can be very precise in what you want it to do.

    The TV I used to play my Master System on was an old 14″ TV…quite a bit smaller than that yummy 27″.
    It’d be nicer on my current one, a 21″, and even better on the massive widescreen downstairs. Too bad I don’t have a PS2…apparently I could get a Dreamcast for only ?20 now though

  4. the PSone was only fifty bucks — and it rocks. of course, he’s four and his need of games runs to the simpler ones, so a serious gamer might not be as content as my little guy is.

    oh, and he loves his playstation.

  5. Hmm, I was just talking last night with my wife about the possibility of me re-entering the independent consultant arena, now that jobs are harder to snag. And I was mentioning how all my software development tools are dated and need to be replaced.

    I think I’ll need to consider Linux as a platform, and possibly try to see if there are free software development tools (‘C’ or Java development environments) available.

  6. /me looks at picture of Playstation and big screen tv

    /me drools

    Why did my old Master System never have a TV that big? Oh yeah, because it was made in the 90s

  7. Mike, that’s only a 27″ TY. which is about perfect, actually — the games are really cool on that TV.

    and, Tobey, the fire is still some 50 miles away, it’s just a really big one. really, really big.

    Jack? i’d think Linux would be a great development platform, and i’m sure there are about a bazillion lovely free development tools, since geeks love the Linux so much. and when you’re putting things together during periods of unemployemnt in order to freelance, i think “FREE” is probably music to your ears.

  8. whoa — cool link. using the gimp tonight, i was impressed by how intuitive it is, and how efficiently i accomplished the tasks at hand. it’s a marvelous bit of (free) code. and it has a free book! i’m in cool free stuff overload right now.

    anyway, the image optimization is about the best i’ve seen.

    it’s still hard to believe that everything i’m doing right now, i’m doing with stuff that is totally free and open like this. my old Win2K box was loaded up with a good five grand worth of software (i assure you i acquired it in perfectly legal ways. i did. stop laughing!) but this — this rocks.

  9. On the book: download the tarball (from the front page of the web site); unzip it to a local directory; and you’ll have it immediately available.

    …data points on the information superhighway.

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