genuinely mentally exhausted

… just not for any particular reason. i just noticed it’s been a good week since i’ve done anything but the news and weather — link here, link there, bit of linux hooha sprinkled in, and otherwise almost content-free. i miss having things to say.

i expect things to improve in general, and quite soon. it might help if i could get over the feeling of having this unwritten yet overwhelming to-do list always hovering somewhere in my mind.

first on that list: a nap.

* * * * *
and yay, krix posted to poemgen, as did pete — good ones.

poemgen doth rock.

4 thoughts on “genuinely mentally exhausted

  1. yeah, the whole web does seem kinda smacked back, ya know?

    i totally have to fix up my linklist — i’m going to integrate the freerange links into the main page, and go through them and edit out the duplicates and then categorize the rest of the links.

    i first was going to have just simple words like ‘interactivity’ and … other words, but the category of people i link who don’t link back or indeed even acknowledge my existence, i wanted to call ‘stalkerage’ or but then i remembered people get futzy about the term stalking being used kiddingly because it’s a serious subject and….

    so then i decided that i would use the titles of old night ranger songs for the category headings.

    and then…. and then…. i said, well, no, maybe, but not now.

    i may be lazy, but my mind’s very, very busy.

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