i wonder

so i have this new email client, the netscape seven preview release, and i notice it takes regular smilies and makes them into images. and then, i get things like these:

smiley2.gif smiley.gif smiley.gif

is this netscape’s whimsical interpretation of certain, strange combinations of exclamatory punctuation? or are people putting these in emails?

either way, i find this rather fun. i’m thinking of putting in an ‘insert smilie’ script in my comments. would that be fun, or just weird and annoying?

one more question: a number of people are having trouble with my site skins sticking. if you’re having problems, could you tell me (a) that you are having them and (b) if you have them on other skinnable sites, or just mine? thanks.

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  1. well, if it ever occurs to you to download that beta of NS7, you can be assured it works in that.

    i’m getting quite fond of netscape’s latest, that and mozilla 1.0, to the point i hardly miss IE at all, except the colored scrollbars.

    Opera likes the skins too.

    but i wonder what i’ve done wrong that other skinned sites have done right, that makes mine sometimes not work? it’s supposed to be all server side, the PHP. huh.

  2. I find trillian annoying. When you type “LOL” into a message, not only do you get a laughing face on your screen, but the damned thing makes a very annoying sound. First time it did the sound, I nearly fell of my chair because my speakers had been turned up pretty loud.

    I’m not sure how I would react to animated gifs being inserted into mail (or are mails simply interpretted with animated gifs when displayed)?

  3. Skins work for me and I’m rockin your adorable Sponge Bob skin! Smilies in the comments–I guess it would give more options in expression but either way is fine.

  4. i know that my email client interprets the simple things, the smile, and the wink/smile — i see those all the time in my email now.

    but these guys — is my email client putting them in my mail? hmm. is my email client on crack? hmm.

  5. i’m trying out the 7.0 preview, too, but haven’t checked out the funky smilies yet–gotta do it now. kd, just wanted to say how talented i think you are. i always look forward to visiting your

    [ message to smilies: speed kills ]

  6. Jeblessa! thanks! that’s very sweet! i only recently discovered you through my freerange linklist, and i’m enjoying your site as well!

  7. a) smileys: um, no. I avoid sites that I might otherwise read because of waaaay too excessive use of smileys. Not saying you would abuse them, not saying they’re not really cute, but your public might suddenly become like 35-going-on-8 and have smiley wars. is all.
    b) skins do not stick for me. IE5, Mac, didn’t try OmniWeb, blah
    c) I don’t reskin sites, usually. I figure whatever the default presentation is is the primary persona presentation, and stick with it. Skins are totally filters that effect your reading of someone’s stuff, but I choose to stick with the one they published primarily and not their other/you have to come find me selves.
    Someone should write a thesis on that – egos and blogging and skins, oh my…

  8. well, with my apparent mental age of 15 (according to some test or another), the smilies would be right up my alley.

    however i am concerned with being overly scripted.

    and as far as the default skin, it’s not what i’d choose (zim or the building skin, i think, because i made those two myself) but right now the zim skin is TOTALLY hosed in ns4 and i have to have a cross-browser backwards-compatible skin for default.

    zim was, at one point, then i did something. maybe i can figure out what it is and undo it.

  9. i think the little talking smiley is singing ‘ba-ba-loooooo’!!

    zim skin worked the very first time i tried it and stuck til the next day, for awhile. none of the others have ever stuck. i tried flushing my cache of everything and changing my security levels and turning off my firewall and anti-virus, nada. no stick. i have IE6 and WIN98se. i’ll try at work but they only have NS4 on the machine i can get online on, boy stuff looks sucky in NS4!

  10. Ack! Those smilies are going to follow me around all day, I just know it! And if they show up in my dreams tonight, Miss kd, I’m suing! I’ll get the best damn trial lawyer I can think of (hrrm, Alan Dershowitz?) to come over there and make those smilies start frowning!

    Oh, and I don’t have trouble with anyone else’s skinnable sites, so far just yours.

  11. the rock-on smiley was a little gif file i saved from somewhere and put in my last e-mail to you… so your mail didn’t create that one…

  12. yeah, that one looked a little too cool to be something netscape programmers threw in.

    i wonder about the others though. i do wonder.

    so — does anyone want comment box smilies? hmm? i’m willing to do that for y’all.

  13. I know that for cell phones EMS was the first technology that enabled you to send animations so possibly you’ve just updated to a new version of email client (independent of Netscape) that supports them. This could be complete nonsense as I’d need to check the email client specs and lifes far too short for that. 🙂

  14. I could skin Robyn’s site and it went through, but for some reason, I can’t the skins here to go through on my work pc. (works fine at the house–hee! Zim is my skin at home)

    And OH MY GOD, how cute is your SpongeBob skin!! hee! I love it!

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