in which i go mad

i am not at all busy at work — it’s that feast vs. famine thing, and right now it’s all about looking busy so i don’t end up laid off right before the next feast. it’s touchy.

so there are some things, some things that have been undone awhile. they were all patched up one way or another to work passably, while the correct solution eluded me. so on these slow days i return to these stalled issues, and find that nothing’s changed and i’m really not any smarter than i was when i first couldn’t figure the things out. bottom line is i’ve spent the last two days failing repeatedly to do any good at all.

the frustration levels are insane. the whole thing of leaving something and coming back to it usually helps, but these intractable errors refuse to budge.

i feel like my head’s going to explode. and if this form doesn’t start talking to that database, or those profile scripts don’t start working, and soon, i think i shall have to simply go mad. it’s the only way.

7 thoughts on “in which i go mad

  1. and then we have to consider that perhaps the database is just one of those love-em-and-leave-em types, and is currently interfacing with some other form. the bastard.

  2. oh gawd … there’s nothing worse than being bored at work … with the threat of lay off … with SOOO many tempting sites to check out …

    you have my sympathies …

  3. well, let’s see, i’ve published a new skin, and now i’m going to … well, pretty much everything i do as far as making websites, is at least learning and research.

    almost everything i know about my job i learned by playing on the internet.

    also the first year and a half i worked here i only got paid for about half the hours i worked. and … i have lots of reasons why this is ok. mostly because it isn’t not ok.

  4. The form isn’t talking to the database because the database, while it did take the form to a nice dinner and then a movie – DID NOT CALL. And the database promised the form, most earnestly, that it would call within the next week. The form waited two whole weeks and now has issues with the database. Understandably. Maybe if the database apologized nicely and didn’t offer any lame excuses?

  5. No wonder you are going mad. If them databases are going to be like that, what the hell can you do? I feel for you. Really.

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