it’s ashy out

last night i was thinking can’t-get-to-sleep thoughts for the longest time, they had gone off on some odd tangents, and then i realized i was dreaming, but just in words, no pictures. i was imagining things, much the way i do when i think in words, but i was not participating in any sort of dream activities.

and in other news, our correspondent who already left the house for work reported that there’s been ashfall outside, a thin layer all over everything. creepy.

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update — ‘splains the ashes:
Wolf fire “doing what it wants”.

5 thoughts on “it’s ashy out

  1. ash — falling from the sky, really fine ash. i think i made the word up, or chris did, i forget (it was early).

    my car was covered in it, and it’s sticky — it was still like that when i got to work, and about half the cars in the parking were too — i’m imagining that would be, cars that were parked outside downwind of whatever burned last night.

    creepy – just a light coating of ash.

  2. That happens around here very infrequently when the the pollution control devices on the steel plants are not working. There are always plumes of smoke billowing from the steel plants and power plants across the river from here. And when the winds are just right, you can smell something foul in the air.

    Still, the pollution monitoring equipment tells me we’re in the “acceptable” range for contamination. And Health Canada says our area is pre-disposed to a greater risk of cancer than any other area in Canada.

    You think someone’s been lying to us?

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