i’ve found religion

Are you in a joyless, faithless void?

Have you rummaged through the spiritual offerings of a planet that is so morally bankrupt, little seems good? Honest? Reliable?

Have you battered your way through churches that make you feel guilty? Offer little for introspection or personal edification beyond “worship?” Attract followers by hating others?

You may be like Squidward.

Are you ready for something new and better? Something honest, earnest and fun? Something that can make you feel good without making you feel bad?

Perhaps you have never considered going underwater to find a belief system worth investing in…you probably never, in your wildest dreams, thought that the secrets to living a happy, contented and fulfilling life could come from a tiny animated sponge.

Well, we’re The Church of SpongeBob Squarepants and we bring to you, today, Good News!

yes, it’s the church of spongebob

(and praise be to Dan for sending me this link!)

12 thoughts on “i’ve found religion

  1. well, it’s all about the comments now. the comments work again, but nothing else does. fuck.

    i’m tired. i’ll figure out what happened tomorrow. oh, MT2.2 is out. the database part is where things went south. *sigh*

  2. that is so funny! i wonder if they accept sinning single moms as members? do i have to repent? do i have to dress a certain way?…lmao one nation under water…lmao

  3. everytime I click on a link it says page no longer displayed … can someone send me the new addressor a workin link ?

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