mall thing, you make my heart sing

remember the the thing at the mall? the one i said was ugly? i was wrong. i was so wrong. jilly was right about being enthusiastic about it — because it just rocks.

today on the way home we passed the mall, as always (it’s across the street, we kinda can’t help it). thrillingly, all the fences were gone that had been keeping me from getting up close to the thing (along with my being too shy to say, ‘umm, excuse me, can i come in and take pictures of your thing there’, to a bunch of construction workers), and there was a party goin’ on, fancy balloons and all. free food and everything, but i was too entranced by the thing. and a marvelous, marvelous thing it is. some of you asked, is it interactive? can you climb on it? in a word, yes. it is big and sturdy, and kids were scrambling happily up inside it. it is also a shelter from the elements, and you know, the colors do match the buses. the whole area is lovely, and there is a great matching round building which houses bathrooms and such.

i found my enthusiasm for this art piece, in the sheer functionality of the thing. i’m going to get some more pics, soon, to show the angles i just couldn’t get with the sun where it was. in fact, i’ll take kurtwood down there and let him have a bit of climbing fun. might even climb on it a bit myself. it’s very climbable, and sheltering, and comfy, some truly brilliant design.

the thing at the mall makes me happy.

18 thoughts on “mall thing, you make my heart sing

  1. chris looked at the pictures and said, you know, there are going to be hookers and dope fiends hanging out there… and there probably will be, but it’s still cool.

  2. ooo, ooo. i’m so excited! i loved the pic of people sitting underneath it, just hanging out. that’s the best! it’s art, yes, but it’s fun and people can really get in there and interact, wooowooo. now i have to come to ventura and sit in the shelter on the beach with you, and sit underneath the wierd bus thing with you. we both like cozy little places with shade and interesting cozy feelings to them.

  3. HOORAY for the big round building – Grammas need to know where those are you know- for the grandbabies, yeah, THAT’s right, for the grandbabies. >..

  4. buses always linger at the mall – five, ten minutes. and it’s such a lovely thing to have the bathroom there, for the babies especially.

    it’s a great place. and drinking fountains for the ‘i’m thirsty’ kids, and an awesome kiosk for the ‘i’m lost’ folks to find themselves (with l.e.d. announcements of pending arrivals and delays).

    it’s the kind of thing, along with those big new pretty buses, that make you want to take the bus more often.

  5. cool “thing” you found there. it looks kinda like a snail shell half buried in the ground. i’ll bet if you get a wide-angle lens, and get close to the ground, shooting upward at one end, you can get some interesting looking perspective-distorted shots. 🙂 i like to experiment with those whenever i get the chance, particularly with interesting subjects.

    oh yeah, i’m back. been out of town a lot the last few weeks. <pants>

  6. i loved it the second i saw it. that is just the coolest bus stop/playground/shelter/bathroom thing i have evr seen in my life. i want one in my front yard.

  7. The “thing” is pretty neat … it looks like a lot of fun! .. *pulls back shirt sleeves* ” I bet I can climb it faster than you can! ”



  8. and apparently, several prominent city officials don’t like it. so that makes me love it even more! it’s pissing off The Man!

  9. I haven’t surfed by in a while and I must say, KD, your blog rocks. The skins are cool even though they don’t stick for me on my Mac. *he said Mac, heh heh*

    That sculpture is neat, but it looks like a wrecked building. Can you climb up in it and make a fort?

  10. you can climb up in it, but i imagine mall security would get upset if you made a fort in there.

    and no, haven’t gotten these things to stick on many Macs yet, but working on it. even some IE difficulties, but modern versions of Netscape seem to love the skins. NS7, in particular, rocks. .

    and, thanks, Mr.B!

    and you’re all invited to Ventura to climb on the bus sculpture. and bring your good cameras, i have no fancy lenses *sigh*

  11. If you insist it is neat-o, I may just have to go and climb on it too. Every time I drive by, I think to myself… “WHY!!!???”. But if you have been swayed, then perhaps I was misjudging too… 🙂

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