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  1. Ok, I sent you an e-mail, but maybe you don’t see those as fast as you see these comments, so…

    In the installation instructions for Trackback, it says:
    Then, in your Individual Entry Archive Template, add this same tag anywhere in the template:

    Anywhere? Like where’s anywhere, man? Just in the body somewhere, or what? Where did you put yours?

  2. you know, in there. somewhere. i think near the entry tags or something? in the body, i’m sure.

  3. Ok, screw pmachine, I’m just going to go full tilt boogie with the MT this weekend. LOL It’s just too cool to miss out on, you know?

  4. the ongoing development in the MT community is pretty irresistable, isn’t it? it just gets better and better.

  5. and now i’m trying to figure out how to make the trackback listing in the individual entry page update — either force a rebuild, or … ??

    i don’t like the popup, because you can’t skin a popup (that i know of) and i like to keep everything in the page. as you can see i keep a lot in the page.

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