oh, monday

suddenly a half dozen urgent projects present themselves. or maybe it just seems like that many. it occurs to me call in (or, well, technically email in) sick to work, but that would be wrong. just because i’m not busy and will be there all day trying to make up stuff to do, rather than be here where i could do productive things in my jammies, is no reason to do that.

but i have the coolest new skin to install. which is going to take some fixing to the cookie script. and i have another site to put together and still another to get running. and to top that off, blogathon has launched. there’s a month to get that ready, but i’ve been looking forward to being able to get started on this for a long time.

i’m blogathonning for the EFF, and more will be revealed — it’s going to be fun. and interesting. if i can get it all together in time.

3 thoughts on “oh, monday

  1. I’ve sponsored Firda over at weblog wannabe, but I have to say you get all sorts of props for doing it – forget blogging for 24 hours, I’d sponsor someone for staying up for 24 hours! You rock…

  2. i’m tired already just thinking about it. i figure it’ll be pretty fun when i get totally incoherent — and i’m going to try and discuss issues too!

    gosh if people already have sponsors lined up, i’d better get on this!

  3. Blogathon sounds like a great idea. I don’t think I could blog for 24 hours (I love my sleep) but I’ll definitely look into sponsoring someone.
    And ooooo, kd, I wanted to share that I set up a new blog all by myself! I’m ever so proud. Interesting that one can back date entries all the way to 1987 (and beyond I’m sure).

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