ok, go

to tangled.org. read the entry entitled ‘blood red’ and then the comments.

some exquisite stuff there – you can see from his mom’s comments, where he gets that writing ability.

5 thoughts on “ok, go

  1. nice. all I can say is, it’s a good thing my mom is still too scared of computers in general to ever read my page- not that I ever write anything that poetic. She thinks someone will hijack her bank account if she ever sends an email.

    Good luck with the Linux effort. Pretty ballsy of you, I’d say.

  2. Wow..
    The strawberry story was beautifully written. I love when someone writes about their past. Having a goat who loved to be among humans. What great times they must have had!
    There is so much talent on the sites. I am so glad I get a chance to
    share their experiences by reading about them!
    Ratty’s comment reminded me so much of what my father would have done….how I miss him…

  3. Thanks for the pointer, kd. Some vivid imagery in both the author’s and his mother’s words.

    Maybe I shouldn’t mention that for the past three weeks we’ve been buying fresh strawberries at $2.50/lb.

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