sanctimonious blogsurfers

don’t you love it when random strangers who don’t know you from adam find your weblog and pop in to spew and pontificate in highly judgemental and uninformed ways? what, do they go surfing around the internet looking for stuff to condemn?

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  1. wow. it’s got a good beat and i can dance to it, waving my rather impressive ass at the computer screen for emphasis.

    hehehe, that was fun!

  2. I’ve had people like that in my blog for years, they come and go, tend to only come once mind you, then vanish into the ether, even though what they’ve commented on has apparently been such an important issue to them that they feel they have a right to come up with any old trash to post.

    Personally, as elitist as this is, I feel there’s a certain etiquette to posting comments in a blog for the first time, like in a newsgroup and in reality, you don’t launch straight into a diatribe, because it’s not your place too, and it’s not courteous to. Only do it when you’ve been around a while and posted good stuff, to show you can be balanced. 🙂

  3. ahh, yes Mike you have got this exactly right. it’s a matter of etiquette, or netiquette.

    i have have seen my share of respectful comments debates to be absolutely appalled by the kind of rudeness that person demonstrated. the post itself was me having doubts as to the morality of the situation – and what followed was an overwhelming majority in favor of letting the newspaper company give me the paper. it would have been acceptable and even welcome, to have a different viewpoint expressed.

    but that wasn’t an opinion. it was a rude personal attack. it was ugly namecalling and conclusion-jumping.

    i really pity people that need to do that sort of thing in order to live in their own skin. must be pretty rank in there, to have to lash out so.

  4. I have to cop to having made my share of rude comments. I usually do it when I see something offensively racist or sexist or something along those lines in a blog. If it angers me enough…I will comment. Usually, I step away from the computer and, if I’m compelled to look again, then I know I have to comment. I try to be level-headed about it, but there have been times when I’ve definitely come off as an angry asshole (or bitch) simply because I didn’t think there was any other way to make my point.

    HOWEVER (and perhaps this is just justification of my own lack of blogger ettiquette (or however the fuck you spell that!)) I think it’s kind of a stretch to “call you” on your lack of integrity towards a company that obviously does not have its shit together.

  5. and ‘does not have its shit together’ is only one interpretation — the other being, that this is a trick to pump up circulation figures. there’s a huge competition in the newspaper biz around here, with the LA times moving in on the local paper’s turf some years back. sudden, fierce competition.

    in any case, i don’t see how them offering to give me the paper AGAIN and me saying, oh, ok, makes me a liar or a thief. sure, i could have argued with them a little more about sending me free newspapers AGAIN, but i get tired of arguing. just send me the damn paper.

    oh, and re: flaming comments. i would highly, highly recomment not just stepping away from the computer, but spending some time reading the archives and seeing how the objectionable content fits in with the big picture. when you only know what you know about a person from reading one post, you stand the chance of insulting an otherwise nice person for misstating something or having a bad day.

    just a thought. tolerance is good. self-righteous anger is sometimes counterproductive.

    i have to remind myself of this A LOT.

  6. that wouldn’t be that same knob from Pacific Bell or whereever a few months ago that actually got his IP posted after showing said knobness, would it?

  7. When I first started playing around with a webpage, I wrote stuff about dogs and cats. (yawn)(I blog now, but kept the priceless prose)

    Then someone I never “met” emailed me to inform that I had misspelled the breed “dalmatian”. I think I spelled it dalmation, oh hell, I don’t remember. Whatever. In any case, what kind of life does a person have, to take time for a stupid email like that?

    She never said a word about what I thought was a rather humorous article about the damn dog with the spots.

  8. no, completely different knob. that was a returning again-and-again knob, and this one was a drive-by knob. so far.

  9. *WHEW* Saw the word “pontificating” and I thought you were bitching about me again! :0)

    btw… according to a book I read years ago (written by a NYC cop) stuff like that, Columbia House, Book of the Month… you didn’t sign your name, or give your SS#. By law, you are under no legal obligation to pay for it.

    OOH! 12 more CD’s for free, uh I mean a penny… excuse me.

  10. Yes, they do. Because they MUST. BE. HEARD. Everyone who knows them in the flesh has already become bored with their drab little diatribes, so they surf around on the net, swoop in and run like the cowards they are.


  11. That’s what comes from having no ‘cover charge’ for entry. Maybe a dress code would keep the riff-raff out.

  12. I’ve noticed the majority of the people who do it tend to hide behind fake emails, which is annoying. I don’t get flaming people in their comments. I honestly don’t. What’s the point? Personally, I think if someone gets their kicks out of being nasty to people, it’s not just bad manners–it’s bad karma.

    I should call my mother and tell her that at least ONE of the things she taught me when I was younger actually stuck…if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all. LOL

  13. Geez…..some people are so sensitive … LOL
    There are so many important issues in life, some people make themselves feel better by condemning others.

  14. Thanks, Karen. I probably was referring to the other blogger, who may go by kare or karen. It’s so confusing.

    Anyway, if I just stick to kd, I should be safe.

  15. Kare, you had me going. And it’s just not a good week for me to be getting nervous. When I clicked on the “spew and pontificate” link, it brought up a page that showed the offending post at the bottom of my screen.

    At the top of the screen was a post from *ME*. For a second, I thought I had offended you!

    (heart now returning to normal rhythm)

  16. so, my comment permalinks work funny for you? the link should pull up the page with the referenced post exactly at the top of the screen.

    and you’re not a random stranger, if you had something to say in disagreement of something i posted, i’d listen.

    also, if you are referring to me by my given name, it’s Karen, with an ‘n’, or, the short (web) form, ‘kd’. however, i’ll generally answer to anything that starts with a ‘k’, just thought i’d point that out, ’cause there is a blogger who goes by Kare, and she’s not me…

    anyway. hope the nerves subside there…

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