12 thoughts on “squirrels and roofrats and jessica, oh my!

  1. Hi kd,
    I have a question that is totally unrelated to the topic of your post, but I couldn’t find an e-mail address (looking sneakily at work, not much time) on your page. You seem to have a lot of automated add-ons and thingamajigees, that’s why I’m asking you.

    Plus, your subscription thing seems to be on the same wavelength.

    You know how Blogroller works right? Shows you which sites on your linklist has updated. Well, is there such a thing as a “reverse-Blogroller” that would actually IM/send you an e-mail when someone comments to your site? To take it another step further, is there any such thing that will alert a person via IM/e-mail when one of their favorite sites is updated, that one could have on their computer, so the person doesn’t have to have a subscription service set up like you do?

    This sort of thing probably exists, and it would make things easy for peeps who are trying to keep on top of things at their place of employment.

  2. you know, they don’t do that in any version of IE6 i have. but i don’t mind, i mean, i only use this at work anyway.

    i got that script from alex. isn’t it cool?

  3. For Stacey, something like the Klipfolio might work. Doesn’t alert you via IM, but lets you know through the Klipfolio software when a blog has been updated. It’s in my sidbar as “Klip it!” if anyone is looking for it… (Yeah, I’m a lazy bum and not running off to get the URL. Sorry.)

  4. Yay, I rocked kd’s world!!! Yay!

    Postscript: there were two (2) traps at the attic door, and they caught three (3) rats! One was the megarat that made all the noise, and the other… the other…
    the other caught a pair of adolescents who were skittering around together like little pals. and it made a mess and the guy whined and needed us to get him gloves ’cause he didn’t bring his own.

    If they didn’t eat my photographs and candles and things, I’d leave them be, but…

  5. That picture of the suirrel leaping up off the ground is funny. My girlfriend just found a baby bird stranded in our porch, so we are going to try to reunite it with it’s mommy.

  6. *gasp* you don’t know who lives in a pineapple under the sea? absorbent and yellow and porous is he? if nautical nonsense be something you wish? then drop on the deck and flop like a fish?

    sheltered life you’ve lived, there. (hint: watch nickelodeon during the cartoon hours)

  7. no fair! i want whacked out squirrels! all i have is several feral cats. which may explain the lack of squirrels.

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