sunday afternoon already

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i am suffering from a fierce case of inertia. i would say, oh, i’m not easily overwhelmed, because i like to think that about myself, but in all honesty, that’s not true. i’m sitting in one hell of a messy living room. if i could just put that out of my mind, i could get these web-related things done and then get on to bringing even a little order out of this chaos. or if i could get up and do something about the mess, i would be able to settle in and spend some time on these online projects.

but the combination, the conflict, has me completely stalled. if i start one thing, the other rebukes me with its undoneness. that may not be a word. anyway, anything i start working on means i’m ignoring another thing that needs done.

so, so far, i’ve done nothing. well, there’s this. but basically nothing.

20 thoughts on “sunday afternoon already

  1. This happens to me ALL the time! Because there are so many things to do I feel like I just don’t know what to start on first. I usually pick one thing and then try and do it – but then end up trying to do something else as well and then…well, everything ends up half done.

    Lemme know if you figure out a solution.
    Oh and lounging on the couch and watching tv – which is what I feel is a good response – doesn’t seem to get anything accomplished either. Hey, I had to try everything, right?

  2. a nap seems in order on a Sunday afternoon. you may have a whole different perspective on your home when you awake. who know, someone may stop by and restore order while you rest your eyes…

    ms positive outlook, that’s me

  3. Oh, I am soooo with you on this one. …especially since this weekend’s projects have serious dependency issues (a before b, but c before a, lest the entire house of cards caves in).

    So, yes. A nap to carefully allow things to percolate in the subconcious…

    …at least, that’s my rationalization for not starting just yet!

  4. I can’t do naps. I lie down for a nap and the result is an over-nap. I’m sluggish and blechhhy for the rest of the day and night. I’m very jealous of people who can do the power-nap thing.

  5. i live on naps. i probably have some sort of sleep disorder, because without naps i’m a mess. however there’s all sorts of stress factors to napping — like if i only have a limited time, i can’t seem to get down to napping in time.

  6. Please. It’s 7:33 p.m. (EST) here, and I have yet to do anything that requires me to leave this desk. This glass-topped desk, on which there are way too many fingerprints. But if I go into the living room, I will be confrontd with a glass-topped coffee table on which there is too much dust. And the other rooms have too much of both (fingerprints and dust … and, alas, pawprints on the hardwood floors everywhere). All of these problems could be solved with a spray bottle of 409 and a roll of paper towel. But I’m afraid of what I’ll see, and feel compelled to clean, once I start. Not like I’ll get that far. No, instead, I’ll just stay glued to my current perch … or maybe not. I’m seeing crumbs between my keyboard keys. It’s all too much to bear. I may have to take a nap before retiring for the night.

  7. you know, i wouldn’t worry about it. i’m not living in filth here, just clutter. me + clutter = contentment. and the house has not been getting dirtier this past week no one’s cleaned. it gets to a level and stays there – it just looks like a ‘net junkie and a five year old live here. if it were up to me i’d put this off.

    but no. chris comes home at lunch – “you know, if you vacuumed on your days off like i do on mine, it would be cleaner” “you know, if you just took a few minutes to do this or that”. doesn’t he know i’m busy?

    so the real source of stress is the fast-approaching 6:30 PM, when he’ll come home and be disappointed in me if i haven’t done what he thinks i should have done. we may have been born in the same year, but he still thinks he’s the dad of me.

  8. Heh. I only have three rooms left to clean!

    It’s frightening. The bedroom is in crazy clutter mode still.

    But I did get the car clean, and the kitchen too. So now I can.. uh.. cook things! In the front seat of my car!

    Yeah. I think I’ll upgrade MT now.

  9. I am so there!!! Like, I’ve got my desk to tidy, I’ve got scripts to write for the blog, I have crap to do around the house, AND I have a MS Project file to complete for work. What am I doing? Surfing all kind of sites, etc… Soon, I’ll figure out which one I want to start, and go to it. But for now…

  10. and here it is evening and i’ve done exactly nothing. well, chris made me vacuum, but, i haven’t even surfed blogs today! i have been a vegetable, a lump, a wothless useless waste of space on a couch.

    i’m so disappointed in myself.

  11. The tendency towards the couch is sometimes overwhelming. Just give in to it. It’s easier that way. Tomorrow is another week of work/torture, so enjoy today.

    Hint: spend today thinking about a plausible excuse to call in sick tomorrow!

  12. ahh, if i could get away with it (financially — no sick leave) i would. i’m trying to justify thinking about taking up the offer of taking friday off without pay, to make it a four day weekend. it will be a stretch but i think i can do it.

  13. oh, and ratty? you’re one of the people i’m supposed to be doing stuff for. so you realize enabling my slacking off, just puts off that upgrade…

    i will get to it 🙂 i’m still lumping out.

  14. i’m having this same problem although fortunately there is no house to clean. well, actually, yesterday i vaccuumed the house i’m in now and it was really fun. maybe the secret to motivating for cleaning house is to switch houses with someone else. it’s far more entertaining to clean someone else’s house.

    plus, you can sift through their medicine cabinets.

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