the bugs of summer

i should not complain, i know that a lot of people have worse summer bugs, in fact i’ll admit that i have it easy. yet still i complain. i am an extremely bugphobic person (not sure the exact technical term there). i hate bugs.

first i hate the fleas that love the warm weather. apparently we have tough, super-fleas that enjoy living in the cozy nest of borax crystals that is our carpet. the cat’s fine now, but they don’t have advantage for people, so we’re still suffering.

then there was the freaky bug that scared me and kurtwood the other night. a big long bug, wasp-like in body type but the color was a luminous red. chris swore that wasn’t a stinger as he captured it and tossed it outside, but what else would a big probe-like thing protruding from a big red bug’s butt be? i ask you.

and then there are the june bugs. the june bugs are cool in that they know when it’s june, and they come out right on schedule. i’m not sure what they look like (i don’t go outside much at night) i think they’re kind of orangey-brown. all i ever really see of them is in cat puke. kitty loves the june bugs. every summer night he complains and complains till we let him out, because apparently june bugs are just as fascinating as can be, if you like to chase and pounce on things that jump and flutter. oh, he’s a big bad june bug hunter, our kitty. but you’d think that after enough time it would occur to kitty that the consequences of eating junebugs is throwing them up? you’d think that enough of this negative, uh, feedback would teach him. but no.

then again, that’s not such unusual behavior. my kitty needs to go to some june bug anonymous meetings, i think.

21 thoughts on “the bugs of summer

  1. we don’t have any lightning bugs in california – i bet kitty would *love* those.

    and i don’t know what a cave cricket is either, but it sounds very very creepy.

  2. Our dogs are similar to cats and they love to chase the fireflies around. I also have great fun with the laser pointer. hehehe

    Cave crickets are disgusting. We had a total infestation of them in our house in Tennessee, followed by a near emotional breakdown and a move out of state! (Found one picture at — ahhh!) They are like big-ass spiders that leap into the air. Oh, the horror of it all.

  3. those are incredibly, awfully, completely creepy. they’re all gelatinous looking like potato bugs. alien looking creepy things, they are.

  4. Which is *why* I practically had a breakdown. hehe

    That’s one thing I do not miss about the south. There are some ugly, big-ass bugs down there. *shivers*

  5. ack! cave crickets!! ewwwwww! do you gius get wolf spiders? hmm. they are as big as mice sometimes and will actually come after you. get on their back legs and run torwards you!! ack!!!!

  6. A wolf spider chasing me? Can you say, “massive heart failure.” I’d be dead before the furry bastard even got close.

  7. I am eternally grateful that when my youngest daughter & her family lived in Arizona I never had to hear of, or see, a wolf spider when I visited them. As Kelly said (btw, my daughter’s name is Kelly, too, isn’t that amazing?)…..heart failure just seeing one.

    Well anyway, she called me one morning to tell me the nightmare they went thru the night before. A wolf spider got into their house, my dipstick SIL told Kelly & the kids to go into the kitchen (farthest away from where the beast was)…….and he actually killed the thing with a baseball bat!! He was such a baby about everything else, I was surprised at his “bravery”.

  8. Ummmm, I really shouldn’t get on my soapbox, but everybody I know at the Humane Society agree that “An indoor cat is a safe cat”. In fact, in cat seminars they provide for new cat parents, on care and stuff, it’s one of the two most important factors in keeping a cat healthy and long-lived.

    #1 of course, spay/neuter. Pet lives longer and stays healthier
    #2 Keep cats indoors. They will live longer and definitely will stay healthier.

    –Rant mode off. Sorry.

  9. kitty has lived half inside/half outside all his life. to keep him indoors would be horribly cruel – he’d hate it, whine constantly, and crap on the carpet — he has always refused to use litterboxes. he stays close to home, the neighbors feed him, he’s happy now.

    i suppose if we kept him inside eventually he’d adjust — but in the meantime we’d grow tired of all the poop and pee on our floor. and he’s neutered.

  10. it’s the thrill of the hunt. the whole, i’m a big bad ass kitty and i killed and devoured the prey. i must eat it. it would be a waste of sustanance and my ancestor cats would be angry. (cat karma). cats are fascinating. i play with a laser pointer at night and watch the cats try to pounce on a beam of light. quite hysterical.

    *goes off to have nightmares about being trapped in elevators, pork rinds, dr’s offices, and giant killer june bugs – after reading Skarlet‘s posts before this one*

  12. I have a disco ball, and my cats run into walls chasing the swirling lights. And I don’t think cats mind throwing up. Mine seem to eat bugs, grass, dead leaves all they can to try to throw up hairballs.

  13. Cats and babies both enjoy swirling lights. My favorite trick is to catch the sunlight on my wristwatch so that it reflects on a wall, then swivel it all around until a baby/toddler or kitty goes insane. Good times.

  14. This is the time of year that the raccoons come out with their babies….at least in NJ…
    The babies are so cute..I like to watch them wash their little paws after they eat. And I like the sound of them “talking” cute…
    I am finding very odd bugs around here also, kd…
    They are 80% dead when I see them.. no doubt due to my cat, Kielty. She like to kick ’em around until they are dead, or she gets bored..whichever comes first!
    Kielty likes anything shining on the wall too: mirrors, flashlights, jewerly…its so funny!

  15. i like shiny things too…

    anyway, i understand why kitties would like to puke, with the hairball thing and all, but every june kitty ends up looking kinda sickly, due to all the puking. you’d think, at the point where kitty started feeling like crap, he’d quit. but no. and if we try to keep him indoors at night, he starts knocking stuff over until we give in.

  16. Yeah, but what about the cool bugs — like fireflies or “lightning bugs” as my husband calls them. Those are cool.

    The worst, in my opinion? Cave crickets. Even worse than spiders. Fuck, just talking about it is making me all jumpy!

  17. I swallowed a June Bug once. I was about 5 or 6, and pretty talkative (okay, I non-stopped jabbered from my first sentence til – no end in sight!) We lived in Michigan, spent most summer weekends at the lake. It was just about dusk; I was walking along the dock toward the boat, talking to my mom and not paying attention to much of anything except the sound of my own voice when glappp! a huge June Bug flew right into my open mouth! I gagged, spit, gagged some more, tried to cough it up, choked, swallowed, swallowed again, and finally the damned thing went down instead of up and out. I still have nightmares. The incident did modify my behavior though. Now, in the summer, I tend to talk with my teeth clenched! You can never be too careful.

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