the fundamental interconnectedness of all things

Dodd thought of me when he found DIRK, and rightly so. i never tire of the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. for instance, here’s what’s connected to cat.

interconnectedness and cats. that’s what blogging’s all about, is it not?

14 thoughts on “the fundamental interconnectedness of all things

  1. have i commented enough on my own post? anyway, i fixed the ping not linking Dodd by altering the MT Ping Title as follows:

    <$MTPingTitle remove_html=”1″$>

  2. I added that attribute to my TrackBack template, too. It’s pretty rare to get a fault like that (I think this was the first post I’ve ever doen with a link in the title tag), but it certainly can’t hurt to eliminate it.

    I think the rebuild thing may be it – I tried again last night, pinging the surreally post on point and reloaded several times to see if it showed up. No dice. I wonder if that’s how it’s supposed to work…? Will we have to start rebuilding daily to see our pings?

  3. i have a bit or a different setup — having the trackback in the individual archive page. the ping only causes the index page to rebuild, (those popups are dynamically generated, so no rebuild is necessary). so, until there is a comment posted (or i manually rebuild my page), the ping doesn’t show up. i’ve got it mailing me my pings, so i can go in and manually rebuild, but in the popups, that’s not necessary.

    the solution will be to include the trackback data using PHP which i’m not qualified to figure out, however other people are working on it. also it’s a feature that may show up in the next version of MT, giving people who display their pings in the page the option of saying, rebuild the page.

    this doesn’t affect people who use the popups, just where the data’s in the page, like this site and surreally. i know, i know, i’m supposed to use the popups. i don’t like them.

  4. Wahoo! (Not to be confused with Yahoo!) You commented on my blog. Very appreciated. I completely agree with your comments on the “tag” game. Damn weaklins’.

  5. and i’m now officially fully delighted by the google API (see bottom of page) — it adds yet another dimension of connectedness, in a very whimsical way since i am now using the entry excerpt as the search term. god i love the internet.

  6. All this talk of interconnectness and you didn’t even ping my post…. *sob*

    In other news, there are only three steps between me and natalie portman. On DIRK, anyway….

  7. i don’t know – it showed up for me right away – i did it with the bookmark, so i still had your page open, and i hit reload and there was a ping there (unless that was someone else’s).

    have you set MT to email you with new pings? since i have my pings show up in my entry page, i have to manually rebuild the page for it to show (working on that though)

  8. i think i see a bug to report – the use of a link in your post title prevented the ping from showing up as a link back to you. ahh, off to the message boards with that.

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