20 thoughts on “the penguin skin

  1. Digging the penguin skin. Quite cool, quite cool indeed… (Damn, why doesn’t anyone ever make me skins? I’m so jealous! Ok, a little jealous. Because I want to be like you. I mean, doesn’t everyone?)

  2. It’s precious!
    I’m going to have to reset my browser window to superwide so I can get all the awesome penguin-y goodness.

  3. seems like suddenly they’re stickier. hmm. interesting.

    now if i could get the DVD player to run on Linux, i’d be feelin’ really geeky. as it is, well…

  4. “kd: a blog with penguins”???

    Is that like “Ruby in disguise…with glasses”????

    Nice birds. I think they’re Adelies, vice Emperors or Rockhoppers.

  5. it is a lovely color, isn’t it? and the penguins are so cute. and cuddly. aren’t they cuddly? they remind me of … cuddly people i know.

  6. i know. do they eventually stick for you? have you tried Netscape? or Opera?

    sometimes, they just don’t stick at first for some folks, and then they eventually do.

  7. This skin is really really cool.

    I am reminded of a performance artist in Belgium who lives his life as a penguin. He dresses as one and claps his fins while eating raw fish.

    Life is strange.

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