the weekly philosophy (aka horoscope)

from rob brezsny’s free will astrology (this time, via krix):

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Week of June 6, 2002

It’s time for your unbirthday, Sagittarius, that nervous holiday halfway between your birthdays when you suddenly acquire the supernatural power to read your own mind. To celebrate, I suggest three actions: Try to see the world through the eyes of people who are most unlike you; aggressively mess with mysteries that have always threatened to make you feel like a failure; and pull off a ballsy new rebellion against yourself every day. During your unbirthday season, you should ask millions of questions, especially this one: How can you know what you are unless you experiment with being what you’re not?
* * * * *
now, i love these things, each and every time i read them, not because there’s some correlation between being born when i was, and being who i am, but for the awesome philosophy that goes into each entry. the art of astrology is to write something that fits very diverse personalities, without making it too generic. this guy, is an artist.

7 thoughts on “the weekly philosophy (aka horoscope)

  1. I’ve always loved Brezsny. I’ve had a horoscope from the newspaper taped inside my cigarette case for years.

  2. happy un-birthday to meeee,
    happy un-birthday to meeeeeee!
    my ballsy rebellion against myself? hmmm… keeping that mutt-puppy that zakk brought home, just to spite my dog-snob mother…LOL!
    i’m gonna live to regret that i ever said that…, i just KNOW it.

  3. and what a cute mutt-puppy he is.

    and rescued doggies are the bestest kind. i know people like their purebreds, but as long as doggies and kitties are being killed in shelters, we really should try to open our homes to the ones that need us.

    /end sermon.

  4. I’m saggy, and my ballsy rebellion has been to get out and meet people, been ignoring my usual hesitations and just getting to know me. Working well so far 🙂

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