theatre of the absurd on captiol hill

i’ve been avoiding this but i can’t resist anymore. apparently congress had nothing better to do. no issues of weighty import like health care for the elderly, the budget, defense spending, needed attention more than this. no, they dropped everything to address this national emergency: a court decision that found an advertising jingle being chanted by schoolchildren was unconstitutional. (thanks to sunshine day for that link and Kat for pointing me in that direction). they dropped their partisan bickering and came together to defend us against this horrible threat to our Democracy. then they gathered on the steps for a photo op and some sound bites. because, you know, this an election year.

tell you what. let’s vote all these fools out of office, come november.

23 thoughts on “theatre of the absurd on captiol hill

  1. Even if you could vote new simpletons in, they might just not count your vote. Or maybe that’s just if you live in Florida.

  2. I spent nearly five hours this morning “discussing” the separation of church and state issue, a concept which several of the true-blue bible-thumpers could not get into their heads. Whining about taking God out of everything, our In God We Trust money, God Bless America song, and so on ad nauseam. They cannot understand what’s wrong with prayer in school. It was sickening. I left. These kind of people are hopeless.

    I have a “For Liberals Only” page started on my site, but haven’t had a chance to mess much with it so far. I have tons of pictures, and great links I want to share.

  3. oh Lorraine, sounds like an idea whose time has come! i am so everlastingly sick and tired of the religious right trying to stuff their god-concept into every facet of our lives.

  4. You see Lorrainne, maybe if the U.S. adopts a religion other than *theirs*, and forces their children to pray to Allah, or Buddha, or Spongebob… then they’ll get it.

    We’re actually going to have a “letter to the editor” in the paper tomorrow where a woman suggests that if we don’t feel the way she does, then we “should all look for another country”.

    I shit you not.

  5. oh, that pisses me off. it pisses me off intensely. it also makes me very mad.

    and pretty much speechless. the ignorance factor alone… oy.

  6. And the most disgusting thing is that those who fight for change are viewed as unpatriotic…and those who want to maintain the status quo at any cost…they’re waving their flags and singing “god bless america.”

  7. You hit the nail on the head “Election Year”. What? Make ballsy decisions, and run the risk of being voted out???

    Oh man!!! You gotta see the letters we’re getting here at the paper… expect a *LOT* of Bible-thumping candidates on the ballots trying to cash in on this “Pledge of Allegiance” = Unconstitutional crap going on.

  8. At least you don’t live in a state that elected Jesse “The Body” Ventura (All Star wrestler, XFL announcer, and fake Navy Seal) to be our governer. You know though, come to think of it, he was always good for a laugh. That’s more than you can say about most politicians.

    I retrospect, I’m going to miss him when it’s back to business as usual.

  9. heh – yeah, that was pretty damn weird, the whole WWF-to-governor’s mansion trip he had goin’ on.

    i suppose if we look at all this as entertaiment, very *expensive* entertainment at that, well, it’s … entertaining.

  10. now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their country – start locally – run for city council or school board – move up to state legislature – then on to congress. If some of the ones you/I/we complain about can do it, so can you/I/we.

    Actually – I HAVE run for office and was apparently thought too liberal/conservative/democratic/republican/SOMETHING for the taste of most.

    the best way to change anything we don’t like is to get in there where it counts and make our voices heard. Regardless of never having been elected (well, actually I did win one of the races, but becuase I didn’t win with 40% of the vote had to have a runoff and lost then by 32 votes!!!) I STILL attend meetings and speak out on issues I either agree with or disagree with – much to the consternation of the elected. HEH!

    You can do it, too!!! (hey, does this thing have a character limit?) off to find out.

  11. *sniff* you guys have no idea how happy i am to know that there are others out there just like me (well, may not JUST like me but you get the idea). i really think if we all make enough noise, someone with a political, but no religious mind, might be brave enough to come forward and try running for office. and enough with the FLA jokes already ;).
    We all know that Katherine harris personally drove the bus to the polls that day filled with the seniors from the nursing home and told them to pick the one in the middle 😉

  12. Are you kidding? I’d vote for you in a heartbeat! All those “Our president was a porn star…” and the “I forgot to pay this…” scandals would keep us all entertained for years! Look at Clinton. We’ll be talking about him forever…

    Who the hell remembers McKinley? Nixon and Clinton, baby!

    At least it would be the smart way…. unlike our former city council member who was just sent up the river for “teaching two fourteen year old girls how to properly have sex” (his getting one pregnant kinda blew his defense, if you ask me…)

    First scandal. Then office. Got it? GO KD!!!!

    Links, the “Love it or leave it” mentality is alive and well in Pennsyl-fucking-tucky. This lady probably felt those damn pesky Indians should have gone back where they came from too!

  13. the ignorance i’m seeing spouted off everywhere just pisses me off. and the huge fat hairy deal that everyone’s making, the way congress actually stopped everything they were doing just to pander to the ignorant voting public, is one of the most ridiculous things i’ve ever seen. priorities, people, priorities.

    and i was never a porn star.

  14. oh, there are a lot of us. and though some people like me cannot possibly ever run for office (don’t ask), i’d be happy to campaign for any of you with less skeletons in your closets.

  15. I’ve considered running for some local offices many times in the past, but being an atheist pretty much ensures I’d never get elected. Polls seem to indicate most folks would rather have an openly gay person in office over an atheist by a wide-margin and we know how popular openly gay politicians are.

  16. i think this whole “issue” is just a ploy.

    it’s waaay too blatant.

    then again, maybe i’m nuts. generally i just think about it and go “say *what*?!?”

    i mean, seriously people, don’t we have reality to deal with?

  17. i think this whole “issue” is just a ploy.

    it’s waaay too blatant.

    then again, maybe i’m nuts. generally i just think about it and go “say *what*?!?”

    i mean, seriously people, don’t we have reality to deal with?

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