things i miss:
verdana and georgia. internet explorer in general.
all those passwords windows had remembered for me.
knowing what i’m doing.

here i am, scrambling for purchase on the slippery slope of the linux learning curve. i’ve figured out how to unzip stuff on the command line and i’ve installed a better browser. all this figuring stuff out is something i’ve not done in a long time. i know it’s good for me, and that’s why i’ve so far resisted the temptation to go use that old familiar windows machine not ten feet away from me. my brain is tired and a little sore, just like the beginning of any exercise program.

i’ve caught glimpses of a dazzling array of new things to learn. i go between rejoicing and cringing. in retrospect i was a wee bit overconfident going in, but i think that sort of foolhardy, uninformed optimism was necessary to get me over the fear and doubt.

and all in all, this was a necessary step for me, because there was just no way for me to continue reconciling my endless bitching about M$ with my complete dependence on it. there’s such ugly helplessness in that sort of mindset.

and hopefully soon i’ll be getting over this and be thinking of other things to babble to you about, but then again, chances are i’m going to bore you with a lot more geeky hooha before i’m done.

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  1. and you know, as far as my productivity doing what i do — internet related stuff — i’m managing to keep up. i did a lot of talking about doing this before i did it, and in it i said, if i have a text editor, a browser, ftp, and basic image editing, i’m fine.

    and i am.

  2. Keep up the geeky stuff… I used to use Linux somewhat. You know why I am not on it full time… For fun I like to surf the ‘net, and Internet Explorer really spoils you. That is the major reason why I still use windoze.

  3. Geeky hooha is damn cool and don’t let anyone tell you anything different.
    But, um, what has happened to verdana and georgia? Does linux eat them or something? *feeling concerned*

  4. Ummm, actually there is TrueType font support in Linux. I’m running KDE 3.0 and it’s look beautiful with my TrueType fonts. Download Mozilla, it can *remember* stuff just like IE. I think Opera and maybe konqueror will do it too.

  5. i actually prefer linux, and as far as i’m concerned, under linux, opera is the only way to go.

    oh wait, i think opera is the only way to go under windows too.

    and fonts are a pain. i’ve never taken the trouble to R that particular FM tho, so I shouldn’t complain.

  6. i did try to install opera last night, but i either got the wrong download version or did something wrong in setting it up — two error messages would come up before it would start working, neither prevented it from working but i don’t like the error messages. i need to go get Linux for dummies or something, before i go screwing around with installing stuff.

    NS7 had instructions. it was easy. sort of. it’s probably not even installed right, but, then again, it does work.

  7. well, if it helps – my cousin and her boyfriend made the switch a year or so ago, and they LOVE it. i’m still scared, though.

  8. I’m using the latest Mozilla build to type this reply and *most* things werk ok. Lavonne, your page came up fine in Mozilla. Although, there are positioning problems with a few of your images. I think it has to do with the <span> tags residing within a <div> block. My site uses pure CSS for positioning and seems to werk ok in most browsers. I’m only having problems with Netscape right now and it’s due to stylesheet differences. Ugh.

  9. I’ve been told that Netscape 7.x is going to be really pretty good – much better than Netscape 6.x. CNET is reporting that the “release candidate” version is almost perfect, and that it offers the speed of MS and multi-platform support.

    I’m waiting for the released version to download it myself.

  10. oh, and undertoad? verdana and georgia are pretty web fonts that are standard on M$ systems but not on this flavor of linux. so i have to figure that out, all’s not lost. it’s just misplaced.

  11. IE is the only Microsoft software I still have on my laptop. I’m finding it gives me trouble though, and crashes at least once a day. I’m experimenting with NS7 and OmniWeb. Both work pretty well. I just want the best product, and Microsoft is not giving me what I want as far as stability is concerned.

    The WTC photos do show up as the HTML index code on NS. Not sure why.

  12. ok, i tried switching the doctype line with the one i have on my site – didn’t work. so i removed it entirely – still didn’t work.

  13. i changed the name of the file from index.php to index.html and that did it. strange. i have no trouble seeing this page in N7. hrm…

  14. maybe PHP is not working on the server? maybe — ahh, maybe the pages have to be CHMOD to be executable? that doesn’t explain the browser weirdness, unless it does. ??

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