three hours or so

…of sleep. none of it good. woke up, head pounding, side effects most likely. also many things remain unsaid. pathetic. fuck.

tired. i get (yet) another cup of coffee and sit still and still fantasize about sleep. it’s all i can think about, sleep. laying down somewhere soft closing my eyes letting go of the consciousness i’m clinging to with such questionable success at the moment.

i have a wide variety of sleep fantasies. the ultimate of course would be a soft sofa somewhere, followed by maybe a good recliner, and if not that the car would be fine, hell the beach in my pepsi blanket would do me. i can’t leave work. so … what? it’s only 11:30. five and a half more hours. five. and a half. more. hours.

15 thoughts on “three hours or so

  1. i also find that ColdFusion manuals, or anything to do with ASP pages, usually knocks me flat in minutes. must remember to bring some home this evening.

  2. I guess you haven’t got much rest on account of your Shingles. Sorry to hear. Your ‘up the creek with a pole’ boss hasn’t made it any easier either. You DO need to rest with this illness, regardless of what the damn boss may wish to dictate. BTW, though it would be early days yet, has he started to show any symptoms yet? (BIG GRIN!)

  3. no, no symptoms. and it’s not just shingles, or stress, that keeps me awake — i’m — i — never mind. sleep is a sore subject for me. it’s like … a long story.

    i’ve almost survived the day. that’s significant.

  4. Almost every woman I know (me included) has nightmares on Vicodin.
    There are a lot worse things about it than nightmares, thank g-d they put purgatives in it. Now percocet, there’s a pain killer for ya. Yum. Not like you’ll dream well on that either…
    Poor kd!

  5. What you need is a class on how to have a spontaneous out of body experience. You could still seemingly be at your desk at work, but sleeping on top of a cubicle in spiritual form. Just the simple act of relieving your body of your soul for a few minutes would invigorate and refresh, I’m sure.


  6. ooooo sleeeepp… homer needs sleeeepppp …. “SIMPSON!” .. DOH!


    Ooo in a hommock under the tree … ahhh..zzz…


  7. Hope you got some decent sleep last night. I feel your pain-and the need for sleep. Not likely to happen for me for several days.

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