vicodin dreams

so the first sleepset, i was dreaming about making MT generate a page that would be a mailing list of all the authors on a surreally, so i could mail them all peptalks and things. completely impractical, but this does not deter me. second sleepset, i’m still bangin’ away at that awkward, convoluted, possibly impossible bit of code. third time around, i dreamt about blogging about dreaming about the coding.

you know, i had hoped for something a little more surreal.

9 thoughts on “vicodin dreams

  1. good morning, kd!
    i, who don’t dream often, dreamt that my 14 year old daughter had a baby that she put in a cabinet and forgot to feed… when she crawled into bed with me, at about 3am, and kinda woke me up i was SO mad at her! i thought i hit her with my keys (which are usually in my pillowcase), but i didn’t. i guess i was still dreaming… i DO remember petting her soft head…, THAT wasn’t a dream 🙂

  2. i know what you mean kd. i like th surreal dreams best.
    how are you feeling this morning? is the pain better?
    and ratty…why are your keys in your pillowcase?

  3. Hello, kd. You sure weren’t being a wuss at all. Shingles is very painful. Terrible you had to go twice to receive the care you should have had to begin with. You have all the meds you need to deal with it now, so take it easy and rest yourself.

  4. good point, ThinBytes. i think the problem with vicodin (if it could be called a problem) is that normally i dream in fairly useful code, but this just didn’t make any sense.

  5. kd is soooo wise, LOL!!
    yes, the answer to “why the keys are in the pillowcase?” is… TEENAGER. i have a closet, a gun cabinet and a daughter’s room that all contain THINGS (like batteries, cd-r’s, video cam, digi-cam, etc…) and purses locked away from the light-fingered boy… sad, but true…

  6. i never had one of those – but i was one of those – light fingered girl that is. my parents were such good people, and my diet did not lack in moral fiber, but i was such a little klepto, up till about age 18 or so. *sigh*

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