we’ve forgotten our shoes again, here comes the Thing

i was having this dream for at least a couple hours before 6AM, when i woke up, ate a bowl of cereal, and went back to sleep, and back into the dream. just woke up. nine hours of sleep, six of it spent running from the Thing:

it started out, i was a middle daughter in a fifties kind of family – some kind of experimental thing going on, or some gate to hell, something – one day something came up the passageway, green slimy lizard dog, ravenous. we escape in a jeep, i remember fumbling with some sort of odd harness to buckle baby brother into the seat, and we were off, just us kids. my feet were cold, and somehow a pair of comfortable shoes and socks were on the porch – similarly, every time something was needed in the dream, it seemed to be there, as if i’d willed it that way.

but the lizard dog is just one manifestation of the Thing. the thing is Everywhere, and it wants us, it senses our presence on the earth if our bare feet touch anything with direct connectivity to the ground, and dipatches evil minions post haste. we seem to have a lot of money at first, and we always find shelter, then we’ll be showering or something and realize we’re standing on tile barefoot. ahh, here they come again. they’re creepy things, but they’re stupid creepy things, and we fool them and get away. slowly we make our way up the coast, and i mean slowly – years. we grow up, we shop for a lot of shoes, but we always find one of us has forgotten to wear them, and here they come again. always in a different form, usually many, many of them, sometimes with a leader-creature, but never very bright; we are much more clever (except we can’t seem to remember to always wear shoes) and off we go again, gathering our things in a hurry and getting into the vehicle of the moment.

towards the end i have so many shoes, many quite similar, and i often end up fleeing in mismatched pairs. there are always shoes, lots of shoes. this might sound like a nighmare, but it wasn’t – it was an adventure, and there was more annoyance than actual fear. and even though it was repetitive, it was consistently interesing.

in the dream i was thinking when i posted this i would title it ‘…and then they came upon the Thing’, but that didn’t make sense – that happens to be a song, maybe even the title, i heard a few times a few years back and have no idea who did it. but it was a cool song. if i could remember more of it than that, it might have been the dream’s theme song.

i’m in a bit of a whimsical mood today.

21 thoughts on “we’ve forgotten our shoes again, here comes the Thing

  1. doesn’t sound boring to me at all — sounds like a fun, low-budget smash hit that will make you famous and fabulously wealthy. shoes, monsters, road trips–it’s perfect!

  2. you know, you’re right — with some good writing and quirky direction, it could work. ok, so Melly writes the screenplay. Jessica directs, and her hubby Brendan can be the special effects wizard. Mattie plays the younger brother as a baby, and i think we could get Skits’s newly blogging kid, the Dude, to play the older version of little brother (your kid is just too tall, Lavonne). Ratty’s daughter would probably get the ‘me’ role, she’s so photogenic. My daughter could play the older sister, so what if there’s no resemblance, it was a funky type family with weird underworld passageways in the house anyway.

    the time has come for an all-blogger, blog-related dream movie. I think we’ve got the sleeper hit of next summer on our hands!

    yeah, i am feeling particularly whimsical today.

  3. Oh, count me in. I once dreamed I was chased down my street by a fried egg.
    That’s not the funny part.
    The funny part was the way it kept throwing itself against the door once I made it inside.

  4. adding: krix as exective producer. i think there might be a role for the egg as one of the monsters — many of them were gooey and threw themselves at doors and windows, with strange splatting sounds.

  5. hey kd, I just wanted to say thank you for the nice comment you left me on my (totally f’d up for the moment) blog, lol. 🙂 you’re right, at least it’s readable, that’s something. 🙂

  6. I think the Ray Stevens song I was thinking of is “The Streak.” (It was bothering me, so I thought I’d attempt to rid myself of it by blurting it over here). 😉

  7. oh yes they call him the streak
    (boogeda boogeda)
    fastest thing on two feet
    (boogeda boogeda)
    he’s always makin’ the news
    wearin’ just his tennis shoes
    yes you could call him unique!

    (that’s from memory. this i remember. can’t find my keys, but i remember that)

  8. shouldn’t you ask for a % of the gross? don’t they have evil trolls working in basements to make sure there is technically no net profit?

  9. oh yeah, that’s what i meant. duh.

    well, that’s why you’re the executive producer and i’m just the uh, creative advisor. creative financing ain’t my gig.

  10. in a previous life, i was a bookkeper. basically, it was a condition of probation that i give up that line of work. so, you know, i’m good for the bad finance stuff.

    i only do taxes completely under the table and with utmost stealth these days. i’m still good though.

  11. i can help. if you want that sort of thing. it’s not pretty. but it works. i’m both good, and bad at it.

  12. heh, sure. i’m too far gone on the other thing anyway. two years behind. it’s not the first time. they can’t get me while i’m on welfare [or hopefully, disability later] anyway.

  13. it was a very surreal song, not ray stevens-y at all — more modern. he may have had a similarly themed song, though, that seems to ring somewhat of a bell.

  14. it might get boring – six hours of forgetting to wear shoes and running from stupid monsters (that were somehow connected to something sophisticated enough to pinpoint our location by the mere contact of our bare feet with the earth).

    i liked it mostly because i like shoes and roadtrips – it was all good fun to me.

  15. well. ratty thinks it sounds like a really cool PSone adventure game. run from the Thing! collect the shoes! win the trophy! but then ratty has been asleep for 10.5 hours in a hot house. she is delirious. and wondering if the puppy ate the air conditioner. but afraid to look. and has to get ready for work ANYWAYS. psh*t.
    p.s. jos would love to act in the fun movie 🙂
    p.p.s. i haven’t done my taxes in 2 years. i keep forgeting to call the tax guy when he is awake and i am awake. at least they owe me…
    oh, WHY am i so insane?!?

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