when you know it’s gone too far

so i’m sitting here at the computer. over by the dining room table, i see the cat start to squat. he’s not a litterbox cat, it’s either outside or on the rug, but usually he hides behind something. not this time.

so i yell out! out! and chase him out the front door. but for an instant there, maybe a little too long to be an instant, more like a moment, the urge was to grab my digicam and document this event for you.

almost too far. almost.

15 thoughts on “when you know it’s gone too far

  1. oh, I have a good enough mental picture. documentation not needed for me. I have met some cats that were trained to use the toilet, and flush too. Also knew one that would climb up a doorway and flip the light switch on or off as he wanted.

    I once had a cat who would answer the phone if none of us 2 legged types got to it. I’d hear about it a day or so later when I talked to the person who had called. Lucky it was a local call. She’d also open doors if she could reach the doorknob.

  2. is anyone fast enough to catch them “in” the act?? i wish i were… damn puppy.

    off to work!

    have a great night, kd!

  3. kitty doesn’t poop in the toilet, but he does drink out of it — that, or dirty dishes in the sink — or any sort of running/leaking water — just not an actual water dish.

    cats are so crazy.

  4. A side benefit of our cat being confined to a small room during our open-houses is that she’s once again learning to use the litterbox.

    By the time we get to our new house, she may be rehabilitated.

  5. Every time I go on a trip, my little orange bastard threatens to “mark” my luggage. And once, only once(thank god) he got up on the bed and peed in a pile of laundry, right in front of me. Why? I believe it was because I was looking at a cat site on the computer and he was jealous.

  6. Hey kd, this is off topic, but I think you might know. Moveable Type is only letting me post (and accept comments) of a few sentences long. Any longer and I get a “file too large” error, and I’m too much of a moron to be able to fix it. This all started when I tried to upload an MP3 that was too large, and a friend had to do something (possibly to my back-end) to get it all to work. Is there a config log somewhere in MT that would allow you to go back to previous configurations?

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