whoa, i f*cked up

this is kind of a test. i was running the upgrade to MT2.2 when things went wonky. did i backup first? fuck no. i’ve been beta testing, nothing went wrong with that. well, nothing much. i had two test bloggies running, just ducky.

so i suddenly had NO MT. thass right, none what so m-f ever. even the comments were broken. i reuploaded an older version of the MT comments file and at least that started working again.

but i had no way to post. so what i did, is upload a full version of the MT2.11 to another MT directory, but pointed the config file at the existing database.

everything seems to be here. now let’s see if the bloody thing posts.

8 thoughts on “whoa, i f*cked up

  1. Have you made the switch to MySQL? Are you planning to. The one thing I find irritating about MT is that they put in new features like that but provide no info/discussion of the pros and cons.

  2. So what does a person gain by switching versions of Moveable Type? Anything that makes it worth it, or did you just switch “just because”?

  3. MySQL is the major reason for switching. and i’ve never had a problem upgrading versions, and in fact i’ve got a couple MT blogs running on this site using the MySQL because i was beta testing. it was fine with those blogs.

    MySQL is a more powerful database than the Perl-driven Berkeley DB that MT runs on right now. waaaay more powerful. faster. more efficient.

    and there are new, very cool features.

    i blame the computer – i usually use the old windows box to do MT stuff ’cause i have all the files i need over there, the extra Perl mods, everything. and last night it sensed my urgency and kept going BSOD in the middle of things – my config file was a mess. anyway, enough geeky babbling.

    i upgrade because i’m an MT feature junkie and i love to play with the toys. this is the first time it’s ever gone wrong on me. i was overconfident. and oh, i got scared.

  4. I’m so glad there are people like you that will f*ck up your own blogs in testing these new versions before the rest of us get ahold of them. 🙂 (Humor Alert)

  5. you mean, a bad egg could cause me to get so arrogant that i would attempt a major database conversion without so much as a backup?

    i suppose. however i suspect that it was just plain old idiocy.

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