why upgrade?

so you’re asking, what’s this, another new version of MT? sounds complicated! why should i bother?

it’s not for the MySQL support, though that’s cool. you don’t have to have MySQL-enabled servers in order to run the new version of MT. the reason you should upgrade is the new TrackBack feature.

TrackBack is the next level in the fundamental interconnectedness of all things bloggy. and you know how i feel about connectedness. here’s how it works: let’s say i read someone‘s post about the trackback option, so i go and install the new MT. and then, when i post about it, i look up the trackback information on his entry (click ‘trackback’ below to see what i mean). i put that URL in the ‘ping’ section in my entry page. and when i save my post, it pings his entry. then if you go to his site, his trackback will list my entry, as a related post.

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note: Mena pointed out that there is a bookmarklet that will do the pinging of the posts automatically. i’ve not yet gotten that far into it, i just now got all this running. but apparently it’s even easier than i thought!
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it’s about community and interactivity. and toys. cool, geeky toys.

i’ve already pinged one of his entries, now i’m going to ping another one. i’m like the mad pinger today (xkot, i promise to mellow out in the future. i’m just a bit carried away right now).

but aside from just using it as a toy, imagine this: you read a post. that post has been pinged by two other interested parties. you read their entries from links in the “trackback” section. when you post, you ping all three entries, creating a network of connected entries on different sites.

there are many other really cool applications for this, but first, there have to be enough MT2.2 trackback-enabled blogs out there. only 2.2 blogs can communicate like this.

which is why you should upgrade.

27 thoughts on “why upgrade?

  1. kd, are all the surreally servers enabled for that? If so, I’ll go through and set up all the VASE blogs for things like that. Just point me in the direction, and woo, I go forth!

  2. this feature is *made* for you guys. i think i’ll handle the MySQL part for you myself, and in the process the trackback functionality will be enabled.

    i’ll let you know when i’m done, and you can go and install the trackback tags in your web of blogs, and then you guys can run around pinging each other (it’s just so much fun!)

  3. i am upgraded. took me all of 15 minutes (i lucked out).
    i will ping you, as soon as i figure out how. i also need to know about turfing an extra author – the db script revised the name of my primary author (me!) and i had a shitfit when i tried to log in and it wouldn’t let me.

  4. Shel — the masochist in me LOVES coding it by hand. I’d like to set up an MT blog for something else, so that I can play with it and code hacks… but I’ve not found a use for that yet. 🙂 Previously, the fact that it wasn’t MySQL enabled was a serious barrier to entry. We’ll see if the new version is more enticing for me. 🙂

  5. The TrackBack link on my page you referred to is the one you should copy and put in the “Ping URL” box to ping my entry.

    You could however just set up a bookmarklet and give it a click while on the page you want to ping..

    TrackBack totally rules, dont it? 😀

  6. i’m at work. i’m just not busy. so i’m doing “research into new web technologies”. i.e., playing with the toys.

  7. That is SO cool! And I might add I am so unsurprised that you discovered the fun of this! *giggle* I fear I would rarely be pinged, but I’ll wait til your further descriptions make me so jealous I will want to play too!
    (It is described on the MT site somewhere, right?)
    And it is a great idea.

  8. And natural Viagra and breast enhancements! And cheap printer cartridges! (why is it that printer cartridge sales offers show up so often in e-mail? I mean, why printer peripherals at all?)

  9. I admit that I read about it on xkot’s site, went over to to his link and read about it there, and still didn’t understand. But I am with you on the thrill of connectedness, so I suspect it will all make sense soon.

  10. Now that is a neat feature. I’ll have to figure out how it works and emulate it on my site. 😉 can you ping multiple articles on with the same post? MT Rocks… one day I might get rid of my journal and move to MT… especially now that it’ll run on MySQL.

  11. i haven’t got that far yet. and, i mainly use netscape on linux and there are no bookmarklets for that 🙂

    i’ll have to play with the bookmarklet and amend this post, thanks Mena.

  12. That’s a great demo kd, thanks. I was a bit confused about the TrackBack but now I can see it working it makes sense. from the blog I linked to it appears that converting to MySQL will save on rebuilds which would also be good. Rebuilding’s getting tedious now that I’ve passed my 1st Blogiversary! I would imagine that it will also make the process of moving blogs much easier 🙂

    Pete – you MUST install MT, it’s brilliant! Why do all the hard work yourself when Ben & Mena do it so well. You could still come up with some cool hacks 😉

  13. Man almighty!! I still want to *install* MT2. I’m so darn slow. Hey, I can dl the new version, though, and install that, though, I suppose.

    Upgrade, get drunk and screw…

  14. Damn it! I just tried using the TB feature on this post – your number of pings says 4, but only the 1st 3 are showing up, the 4th (mine) isn’t there 🙁

  15. It is now I’ve posted the comment – even though I’d hit refresh a couple of times before posting the comment – weird!

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