a friend returns

we know how addictive blogging is, right? well, an friend of mine who quit blogging and managed to stay away for months and months, is back. his name is Zuchris, and by way of introduction, you can go meet Barry the Chihuahua, who Zuchris and a friend met at the beach. Barry was having a good time and — oh, go read!

and Zuchris has a really cool looking MT blog with pinging enabled, so, you know, pinging! fun!

6 thoughts on “a friend returns

  1. it’s good to see you back, dude. and you did one helluva good job setting up that MT, lots of neato features. i love neato features!

  2. I am using your sponge bob skin. How I love him so. But I think the title graphic should say “Aloha from kd’s scenic Bikini Bottom”.

  3. my bottom is far too large to be scenic in a bikini. the blog is way more sceneriffic than what i’m sitting on right now. and the spongebob skin doth rock muchly.

    i switch skins all the time, myself.

  4. That’s high praise indeed coming from you, kd. Thanks again for the nod. [Sappy perhaps but as far as techie-know-how, you are one of my inspiring influences. I’d be happy to be half the geek you are. 🙂 ]

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