almost lucid

so in the dream i was crossing a pit on a saggy piece of plywood, over some sort of construction zone. there were little mini-guys (not midgets, just miniature men) on little mini-horses, dressed like movie mexicans as portrayed circa the turn of the (twentieth) century, big wide hats and multicolored saddle blankets and bandoleros (they were cute, really). they were crowding me, and i was bitching at them to get away from me, and they were taunting me by not getting away from me. so when we got to the other side of the pit the little guy in front of me jumped off his little horse and was getting all feisty with me and i was just trying to hold him off. i didn’t want to hurt him, he was just a little teeny man. and then this huge guy, like eight foot tall and half as wide, comes up and stands in front of me, arms crossed, blocking my path. and i said, hey, this is my dream, who are you? i’ve seen you before, but what are you supposed to symbolize? and he said, what do you think i’m supposed to be? he wouldn’t tell me. even though it was my dream, and when you identify it as such, it’s supposed to do what you want, right?

and then kitty puked and woke me up.

7 thoughts on “almost lucid

  1. poor kitty… i hope she’s feeling fine. does she still feed on those nasty bugs all the time? is she chowing down decent food, at all?

  2. Oh wow. You blogged a dream, Melly blogged a dream, and I blogged a dream. I’m almost afraid to hit everyone else’s blog today. LOL

  3. Soul: kitty is ok, he does this every month of June, and he eats all day long. it’s just at night, after he’s been bughunting (and if we keep him inside, he just poops on the carpet and whines for hours, it’s not an option really).

    ooh! off to read more blogged dreams!

  4. oh, and Redsugar? no, he was a white guy. if anything he looked like mr. clean. but bigger. much, much bigger. and not as clean.

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