awake being a relative term

i think Jett said it best: …the several hours after you wake up from the post-thon sleep session. It’s like you were plugged into the matrix and you are allowed to come up for air…the world is a gentle assault on your somewhat raw system.

But everything looks fresh and pure in a way.”.

i would have liked to say that, but i’m still not really awake. in fact, i fell back asleep, not all the way but a deep drowse, the sort of sleep you sleep on the couch with nicktoons blaring a dozen feet away, while listening to a five year old frolic through the house, tuned in to anything that might need some no-saying, but otherwise non-conscious. my body and brain wanted this sleep very much. and the five year old, not more than a couple hours from a big sandwich for lunch, decided he wanted a hot dog.

and he came up to me and with his face inches from mine, loudly informed me he wanted this hot dog. it felt like his voice entered through the forehead and was pulling and tugging at my brain, trying to … i don’t know. but it’s different to be forced from sleep by a loud, insistent voice, than roused by other sounds not directed at you, or even an alarm clock. alarms have snooze buttons. five year olds are missing that function. a serious oversight, really.

ok, so now i really am awake. i thought i’d be sick of the internet and blogging, but i’m not. i’m just a little tired.

7 thoughts on “awake being a relative term

  1. Seems a little wrong to have a hotdog wake you up. But then again, you’ve been obsessed with some odd creatures (penguins??) lately.

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