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well, last night in between shameless bouts of self-promotion, i did manage to work on the blogathon blog. it’s at, and i did this little thing with the style tags and the MTAuthor variable, so that the posts will be color coded by who wrote ’em. tomorrow, we’ll be featured in the EFF’s email newsletter, (woohoo!) so i put up a little introduction for the visitors, that’s what you’ll see when you go there.

also, notice the total! doing pretty well with the donations. (i visited the blogathon blog last night and there are over $30K in donations – does that rock, or what?)

i am getting pretty excited about the blogathon. it’s going to be lots of fun — even the part about (get this) me getting up at six in the morning on a saturday. you *know* this means something to me if i’m willing to do that.

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