cleanliness is next to asthma

Super-clean kids get asthma, eczema, more often. i’ve always objected to the whole concept of living in a sanitized environment. and in a related story, getting rid of cats is not a good way to deal with cat allergies. i discovered this personally, after living my whole life violently allergic to cats, and finally getting to the point where i moved back in with chris, and the house came with our kitty. at first, yes, i got sick. but now, i have a cat, for the first time in my life.

i know there are exceptions, people who have become sensitized to things in the environment, mostly chemicals (probably things we use to sanitize our homes and pets, eh?). but as it turns out, we’ve oversanitized ourselves to the point of making ourselves sick. who knew, huh?

13 thoughts on “cleanliness is next to asthma

  1. My daughter has had terrible eczema since since she was 2, and she was a super clean kid. I gave her a bath every time she pooped or ate.

    It’s all my fault!!

  2. it’s ok, you didn’t know. i can remember all kinds of experts spouting off about sterilizing everything, and all that. i guess my kids are lucky i’m naturally messy by nature.

    of course, being a messy child didn’t help me any, i still got the asthma.

  3. i couldn’t agree more. i never get sick, and i’m totally germ friendly – making people try my drink and letting dogs at the park lick my face (if i’m dumb enough to sit down, i deserve it). i’m convinced that you can only build up tolerence to germs by being around them all the time.

  4. probably the cause of the increase in irritable bowel syndrome as well. another interesting fact- babies get vit. k shots right after birth, because every thing is so clean they don’t get it from anywhere after they are born
    ok. i’ll stop being a big dork now.

  5. I gotta agree with Redsugar. My girlfriend is obsessive-compulsive and has to wash her hands with anti-bacterial soap every time she touches anything. She even lays toilet paper over the toilet seats in public restrooms so she doesn’t sit on any germs. She gets sick all the time.

    Meanwhile, I fix the car, clean the catbox, go out and rake leaves, go to the bathroom, and then without washing my hands eat a slice of pizza that has been sitting out on the counter for a day, and never get sick. My two cats sleep with their paws on my face, and I wake up half the time with one of the little paws in my mouth. I never get sick from anything (except working 40 hours a week).

  6. oh, hardly. i’m kind of laid back and a pushover and i tend to be more like buddies with my kids than do a whole lot of actual ‘parenting’.

    i happen to be blessed with wonderful kids that are smart and fun to be around, and we’re just getting through all this together.

  7. Allerpet may help you out a lot with the cat allergy. I swear by it. It’s a lotion/shampoo that you wipe on/in and they lick off; it neutralizes their dander/spit. I take a handful of catnip and toss it in the bottle, let that steep for a day before giving Beauregard a rubdown with it. Makes him look forward to it. That, and his sleek, shiny coat after he gets so moistened.

    and yeah: no antibacterial everything! I lick the underside of diner tables every now and then just to keep my immune system tickin’. j/k.

  8. yeah, the whole ‘antibacterial’ craze does much more harm than good. gives us no opportunity to develop resistance to the minor strains, leaving us at the mercy of the really vicious ones, which it doesn’t kill.

  9. I have found that asthma and eczema can also be symptoms of food allergies. I do agree with you about people being oversanitized. I can’t find liquid soap that ISN’T anti-bacterial. So – my kidlets (2 and 5) use bar soap.
    By the way, I like your site.. I’ll be back!

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