so i’ve always had trouble getting kitty to like me. maybe because when i moved in here, i had major allergic reactions, and it’s possible that sneezing, sniffling, whining, and wheezing, freak a cat out. i’m not really affected at all anymore, unless i pet the cat and stick my finger in my eye (did that the other night. not recommended. not at all.) anyway, all this time, kitty was just much, much fonder of chris, than me.

and my dreams of getting a kitten or a nice girl-kitty of my own are on hold while my financial life gets nice and scary again for a little while, and i begin to doubt my ability to be a proper catparent to more than just this guy here.

so i invested in some kitty treats. i keep them here by the computer, and feed kitty out of my hand whenever he comes in. and now, he knows the sound of the treat pouch, and comes to me. it’s been a few days of that, but he still only rarely allowed me to skritch his chin or behind his ears, and then he’d go curl up on some unfolded laundry, or on a shelf he could knock some stuff off of.

until just now. i’m sitting here in my usual, crosslegged by the computer on the coffeetable, and i feel kitty by my feet. he licks my toes a little, then settles down so i can just feel fur against my leg. a little time passes, and i feel a small chin resting on my foot. sweetness indeed.

i just hope my feet don’t fall asleep anytime soon. this is nice.

13 thoughts on “companionship

  1. If that doesn’t make you feel a little better, I don’t know what would. I have a dog in here with me; she’s just lying on the floor two feet away. If I leave the room, she gets up and follows me.

  2. it does indeed make me feel better. except when it started feeling like my knee was going to die. but i moved my leg, the kitty stayed. still there. very nice.

  3. Now see, all this time maybe kitty thought you didn’t like him! But they do have favorite people, not always the Giver of the Food, dunno why. My tyranical furball takes a while to warm up to people – unless I give them a handfull of treats and have them sit next to me while I hold him. Then he cheers up immediately.

    The nip doesn’t always work on all cats – but if you can get some fresh stuff – as in grow a plant outside – wow, mine goes bananas over that!

  4. I always have a problem waking up when either or both of my kitties are cuddled up next to me in the morning. Who wants to get up and leave a nice warm bed with soft furry kitties to go to work?

    And there’s nothing like having the honor of being bathed by one of the little devils’ spawn. 🙂

    Cherish the moment. Hehe.

  5. Yay! I am a big proponent of bribery -cheetos also work very well. Mine no longer have to be bribed, except maybe to leave me a little space in which to sit or lay. Hope you get to that wonderful predicament. And I have found that my critters don’t care about my financial state-they just love me.

  6. i was thinking about that — that really does get kitties high, right? so i could have some beers and he could have some ‘nip, and it’d be like kitty party!

  7. There have been more times than I can count that I completely just stay in a given position because my dog is resting her head on me and I don’t want to disturb her because it is such a great feeling to have a little warm, furry animal snuggled up on you.

  8. It has taken, what, six years for kitty to warm up to you? That’s a lot of foreplay. But SO satisfying when a warm furry critter (who belongs in your house) snuggles up to you. Sigh. I miss my kitty. But I’m doggie-sitting for friends this week and it’s almost as nice. *scritch, scritch*

  9. no, only about a year and a half to two years. for the first few months i actively avoided kitty because i was so allergic. and it was just recently i decided that i wasn’t kidding myself, that i really was over my cat allergies with this particular cat. by this time, though, kitty had bonded with chris.

    catnip next.

  10. ‘s ok. My cat doesn’t like me much either, unless I have a pinch of catnip for her. Most times she’s plotting ways to ambush my feet. Sometimes I get lucky and she snuggles up against me…until hubby gets home, that is. Then she’s all over him like white on rice.

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