creepy scary things

i’ll start with some pinching judy lyrics*:

there’s a hole in the bathroom
my knees they chitter and chat
aw, come on pain
you can do better than that…

and no, that’s not a prelude to some sort of whine about pain. it’s about the hole. in the bathroom. behind the toilet. there is also presumably a leak, of some magnitude. the plumbers are coming tomorrow, finally. but i’ve spent the last few weeks in which we had to track down our vacationing landlords, being majorly creeped out by my bathroom. that’s a big hole. in the wall. there are bugs and things on the other side, i’m sure.

it’ll all be better tomorrow, unless it’s much worse, in that we might not have a bathroom. it’s the only one. scary.

and speaking of creepy, there’s a whole display of these things in the grocery store. can’t go down the cereal aisle without them … looking at me. very creepy.

*reminds me it’s been awhile since i did a pinching judy feature — mp3s and lyrics of a former local band i love very much

14 thoughts on “creepy scary things

  1. heh, we had a hole a lot like that in exactly the same place. our hamster got loose and found the hole. we never saw him again. of course, now it’s duct-taped up. the manager saw it but wasn’t interested in fixing it.

    about those cards–i saw those a few days ago. weird! i couldn’t help but plan to buy one of a dachshund for my friend who has two or three of them. wonder if she’ll think it’s cute or freaky.

  2. Hole: That’s all from a leak? Wow!!

    Card: kd, no shit, I gave my brother that exact card yesterday. I think it says something about “getting older isn’t so bad, at least you’re not getting neutered…” something like that.


    I saw those cards at the store yesterday afternoon and was totally freaked out. Had to leave the aisle. *shiver*

  4. Lavonne beat me to it. Duct tape, the wonder drug for home repairs, does a great job. Or you can use packing tape, so you can SEE the bugs as they get stuck to the backside!

  5. Well kd, if it’s one thing that this blogging thing has made me realise, it’s that as far away and different people may be in culture and geographic location from each other, as humans we tend to have similar life experiences. I thought that it was only in Jamaica that it seems to take forever to get a plumber to fix a problem at the house. I usually fib and say that we have a broken pipe that is spurting water feet into the air, in order to get them to come quickly.
    As for the rather weird looking creepy cards, they do seem to have a wealth of weird looking stuff around nowadays, looks like it would cause nightmares rather than function as greeting card, IMHO.

  6. i was gonna suggest duct tape until a plumber can get there or a drywall dude. those cards are nasty and creep and i can’t belive they put them in the cereal isle.
    wait just a minute..
    maybe they put them there to scare the little kids so the moms can get the healthy ceral and get out of the isle quicker?

  7. actually the kid never notices the card — because the toy rack is at the end of the cereal aisle. he just bounces right past ’em.

  8. the cards don’t bug the kid. he heads right for the toy display that the store cleverly puts right next to the three-dollar-a-box fruit snacks that have no real nutritional value but have lots of fun characters to make kids whine ‘i want pokemon’ and things of that nature.

    the grocery store is a minefield, that’s for sure!

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