digging in my drawers

so i was rummaging through the mess that is my desk drawers, and found this picture. it’s a self-portrait my son took with a spy kids toy camera (happy meal prize, plastic, uses 126 film). i really need to dig that camera out of whatever toy box it’s in now, it’s a keeper.

now the fuzzyness is more of a lighting thing, the camera doesn’t really leak light like that yet — it actually takes decent regular pictures (see?), or it did. maybe if i drop it a couple times? i so envy people who have those cool Holga cameras, with those leaks that add artistic effects to regular old pictures.

anyway, that was my son, the camera prodigy, age three.

9 thoughts on “digging in my drawers

  1. The Holga cameras cost all of $15.00 – $20.00, and even WalMart used to have them on it’s site. The expensive part is that they use 120mm medium-format film, and that gets pricey to have developed because the cheap photomat places can’t develop them. $5.00 for a roll of film, $12.00-$15.00 to develop, and they only get 10 shots per roll.

  2. hmm. i never knew that Holgas were such an expensive habit. and that’s probably why the camera has fallen into disuse, the whole, finding film for it then getting it developed (though 126 isn’t that bad really, it’s cheap to buy, and not too bad to develop).

    still, i have rolls of film over a year old around … somewhere. i’m like that. so film cameras, for me, have many drawbacks.

  3. Your son has the most precious nostrils I have ever beheld.

    That’s “beheld”, not “held”. I don’t like to hold anyone’s nostrils.

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