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my daughter has never driven my car. and i had a reason for this, beyond being an ogre-type mean ole mommy. basically, it was because i am living on a very tight budget with no margin for paying deductibles, should anything happen. she’s had a permit for a year and a half, and the poor girl’s had a helluva time getting people to let her drive their cars.

so she finally got to the point she’s ready to take the test, and her boss agreed to let her use her car. i had to go with, as a licensed driver over 25 years old. have i ever mentioned that i’m a really, really nervous passenger in every situation? i have some control issues. in any case, i knew it was of paramount importance that i remain calm, not panic her on the way to get her test. here she is, ready to go. would have taken some pictures while she was driving, but i was busy holding on to stuff in a way she wouldn’t see. not that she was doing badly, i’m just a spazz.

long story short, we get to the DMV after making damn sure we had all the paperwork in order and — the registration on the car was expired. well, not really, but the tags hadn’t come. *heavy sigh* so, we head on back to boss’s place, dejected, return the car, she finds out her 5:30 cancelled (she’s a massage therapist in training) so i’m going to take her home. wait. ‘can i drive’, she asks? and after all the saying, oh i wish we’d had my car when we were at the DMV, well, what was i going to say?

so i let her drive my car. and i was actually a lot calmer by this point, partly because she was more relaxed, and partly because a buick regal drives a helluva lot nicer than a honda passport, which for all its newness, drove like a big white box.

so, for the next test, we take the buick, which has all its papers in order. and we’ll both be much less nervous. that’s definitely the bright side of this, rehearsing the stress without having to take it to level of the actual driving test part.

and from now on, i think i’ll let her drive, when we go places. she’s quite good.

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  1. My brother is having vaguely similar issues… he lost is social security card, which is REQUIRED to get your license for the first time in IL. So he’s been 16 for going on three weeks and we’re still waiting on the SS Card to come in so he can go take his test. He’s a real happy camper.

  2. my daughter is nineteen. she was never all that eager, driving kind of scares her. this is a good sign — unlike many teenagers, she actually takes it seriously as a great responsibility.

  3. So, is your son about 7-8-ish (I’m bad at guessing ages)? I think after the blogathon maybe you should get him behind the wheel and started early. It’s every boy’s dream to drive stuff. I’m sure he’d enjoy it.

  4. my son is five. and he’s a little maniac. it’s bad enough he rides bikes and scooters like a little maniac.

    and i’ve seen him play crash bandicoot racing games. he’s crazy.

    the reason i didn’t let my daughter drive for a long time was, one time we’re going down the street, me driving, and she said, you know? half the stop signs you stop at, i don’t even see. and i was like, !!!!!

  5. How beautiful she is. I’m sure you’re proud for many reasons. If you’ve finally relaxed yourself while she’s driving, it’d probably be much easier for her to do a lot of the driving, maybe run errands, etc.

  6. She is beautiful. Now what if she has to parallel park? Is the Regal easy to do that in? I am sure she will do fine!

  7. hmm. since i don’t parallel park unless it’s absolutely necessary, i’m not sure how hard it is to do that in the buick.

    i’m pretty sure all they have to do is back up in a straight line and do a three point turn, as far as difficult maneuvers go. and she’s good, she can do it. she got more confident and better at turns, while i was watching her drive around town.

    i’m sure part of that was, she expected me to be a spazz, and i kept a very tight reign on my spastic tendencies. last thing you want to do is make someone nervous on their way to their driving test.

  8. Ah! She is indeed a gorgeous girl. I’m sure she has a long line of panting admirers.

    I didn’t get my license until I was 19 either. I took the test the first time when I was 16 and failed because… well, honestly because I was nervous and because I got a grumpy mean instructor! (My mom was watching – she swears I didn’t do anything wrong.) After that I was very blase about the whole driving thing. I didn’t especially want to drive. I finally did it when I was 19 because I was working and thinking about getting to a student teaching assignment and decided I’d better get it over with. Hehe… now I love to drive!

  9. I agree with the sentiments above, she look Kriss!!! (very pretty) Anyway, good for you for letting her drive. I can remember what those days were like for me too. (Though when people wouldn’t let me drive, they had good reason. I was a speed freak, still am. I just LOVE to drive fast from time to time)

  10. I’ve just been told by my far-too-new girlfriend (aka is the relationship gonna last to tomorrow girlfriend) that I’m an awful driver, though she’s never at all bothered about getting in the car with me.

    As you know, I’ve only just passed my test and I’m 20, but I passed in a nice small Peugeot 306 (I don’t think you have many cars like this in America, you call them Ultra-Compact or something like that, in Britain they’re a standard size and called small family cars) so everything was easy to do even though the footspace around the pedals was awful.

  11. I got my first license in a ’65 Buick Special. I failed parallel-parking miserably on the first test, and my Dad had me practice for two hours right after we left the DMV. I went back a week later and passed fine. Practice does help. 😉

  12. It’s good she’s taking the responsibility seriously 🙂 I was always terrified of learning to drive and it was only the hassle of using public transport with a toddler and associated paraphanalia that pushed me ito it my 30’s. It took me forever to learn – it was mainly the reversing manoevres I had trouble with and they’re compulsory here in a driving test. I eventually passed on my 4th attempt having failed twice on parallel parking and once on reversing around a corner. I did really well on the 4th test as I’d convinced myself early on that I’d failed and my nerves settled down!

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