forgive me kitty, for i hate bugs

or, the story of a thursday evening, in three pictures:

one: the kid sees something outside, wants us to take a picture. i bravely hand him the digicam and tell him to go ahead. he comes back with this. tell me the kid doesn’t have an eye for composition.

two: i am wandering through the kitchen and see the porch tomatoes on a napkin on the counter. (porch tomatoes are a special sort of tomato that our neighbors grow for … the reason people grow stuff. they’re smaller by far than cherry tomatoes, and, no plans to actually eat the things, but…) they are pretty, eh?

three: i am sitting at the computer and hear a loud rustling in the kitchen. i say, ‘who’s in the kitchen?’. no response. i say, more urgently, ‘who’s in there?!?’. nothing. i investigate. kitty has brought a moth the size of … a really big moth in, and it is flailing behind the food dish. i freak. chris is slow on the getting in there to defend us from the bug (his job), so i take action. i squash him bravely with my colonel sanders cup. i squash him repeatedly. he does not die. chris finally shows up to escort said moth outside.

kitty is pissed. that was the floor show and the appetizer, and we went and threw it outside. sorry, kitty.

21 thoughts on “forgive me kitty, for i hate bugs

  1. the key thing in that first pic, outside of the well centered flower with good lighting, focus and vibrancy (did I make that word up?) is the multicolored superball in the lower left corner that matches most of the colors in the image but has enough purple in it to draw your eyes.

    The kid gets a thumbs up from me.

  2. vibrancy is definitely a word. or is it vibrance? in either case, yes, the kid is pretty handy with a camera. and he loves to take pictures. i encourage this.

  3. Love “the kid’s” photo! He chose a great flower and you are right about his eye for composition! What an awesome hobby to develop at an early age.

  4. Mmmm. Those tomatoes look so good. I can taste ’em now…with a little salt and pepper, on a couple of slices of sourdough bread. Oh yeah. It’s almost lunch time. 😀

    Dang, kd, your kid takes better photos than I do! Wow!

  5. Mmmmm. Cherry tomatoes are delicious. I bet those are yummy.

    You’re kid takes some good pictures, in comparison to some of the ones I’ve recieved.

  6. those tomatoes, all together, would barely cover a fraction of a slice of bread. i should have put something in there for scale — they are far smaller than cherry tomatoes. just little teeny things. i bet they’re sweet and juicy though.

  7. yikes! That is ONE biggun moth!
    brave kitty – brave Chris – brave kd with cup! (I hate it when the cup doesn’t work)

  8. Is “the kid” the little boy in the picture on the upper left of your page sticking his tongue out? It’s wonderful if he has an interest in photos and artistic things. That is something to be nurtured before the big bad world squashes his artistic spark. Turn him loose with some disposable cameras, maybe the urge to take photos will catch hold inside him.

  9. yep, that’s him. i’m going to do everything i can to let him be creative. i’ve got to get him something digital, he takes too many pictures for me to develop.

  10. Ok, how geeky am I – I know what kind of moth that it – a sphinx moth. Way big. I’ve mistaken them for little hummingbirds before.

    And you are too cool in letting Kurt take photos like that – I loved taking photos of my toys when I was little but got teased by my parents for taking a whole role of photos of my toys having adventures in the yard. Never lose the sense of fun – kids appreciate it!

  11. yes, ‘hummingbird-size’ is quite accurate — huge, huge, huge bug.

    and i encourage him to take pictures of his toys having adventures. digicams are so wonderful. of course, letting him take it outside scares me a bit, but he’s done ok so far.

  12. so i just showed my son the picture (he was in bed last night, when i finally got it posted) and i said, oh, look, you got the flower right in the middle! and he said, yes, i used the little lines (in the viewfinder).

    he’s a smart one, that kid.

  13. he really does ‘get it’ you know, the whole slightly-obsessed-with-the-digicam thing. he spent last saturday afternoon arranging his hot wheels and taking pictures of them. he arranged a blanket on the couch so they would have a nice background and everything.

    mommy is very proud of her little guy.

  14. Hmmm…. Time to get him one of those inexpensive digitals Office Max is always trying to sell and cut him loose!

  15. since ‘inexpensive’ does not describe anything in my life, i’m teaching him careful camera handling techniques and a reverence for gadgetry. he’s careful.

    he also has a toy camera from burger king, a ‘spy kids’ camera that takes 126 film, if i could find it and would buy film.

    he did some cool things with that camera, at age 3 to 4. must find old photos.

  16. … asking because he’s good with the camera! 🙂

    He’s a lucky kid to have a mom who will let him take her expensive camera outside, too!

  17. he’s five. and, i showed him how to hold the camera firmly, and he does have a respect for gadgets, so he’s pretty careful.

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