i can feel it lurking at me

my brief sojourn into the horrors of dialup was blissfully cut short by the renewal of my DSL service, due in no small part to authorizing a debit that will surely send me into overdraft protection. it’s ok. i’m fine with that.

i did indeed nuke an AOL CD last night, several cool pictures in my camera, some uploaded to the old windows PC sitting across the room from me. lurking, actually, all AOL’d up, probably never to see the network or the DSL line ever again. god knows what it’s done to the TCP/IP settings, eh? i can’t deal with it. i’m afraid to even try. i know that much madness that way lies.

batgrl dropped me some seriously cool linkage to CD art: glitzy garden globe and sculpture of 642 CDs. and stacey assures me that my crazy venture into letting AOL know i might be interested, will result in a flood of more CDs. i’m on a mission with this, i am.

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