i have a pen

not just any pen. you see, sometimes good things come to those who ride bikes. and so it came to pass that someone dropped their nice pen, and chris found it. there are no ‘lost pen’ ads in the paper, so i’m figuring this baby’s mine (i refuse to run a ‘found pen’ ad and deal with all the potential lies ‘oh, that’s my mont blanc, it’s, umm, black, right?’). suffice to say if you have such a pen and you are careless enough to drop it in a parking lot, well, well…

i feel a little guilty, still. (maybe my troll will pop in to lecture me about karma? who cares). but i also feel nervous. i was thinking these things cost, like oh, maybe fifty bucks, a hundred bucks tops. no, no, this is a basic model, but the retail price is still one hundred eighty dollars. for a pen. sure, it’s a really nice pen. but… but…

it freaks me out because i’ve owned cheaper cars (1970 chevy vega, $100). it freaks me out because i love pens in general, and it’s the coolest thing, pen-wise, that’s ever happened to me. it freaks me out because i want to keep it in a box and only use it for special occasions. on the other hand, i want to get a nice paper journal and scribble stuff in it now and again, just because i loved the old paper days so much, and i’ve almost let them go. maybe this pen is a sign.

or maybe it’s just a really nice pen.

52 thoughts on “i have a pen

  1. it’s fate and karma and all that – enjoy it, but wave it over a smudge pot or some burning sage or something, just in case the filed-off serial # indicates bad juju – you don’t want to get writer’s cramp, after all ;-> I empathize with the pen-lust – I am a pen slut and intend to buy myself an MB as soon as I make a writing sale that nets me more than $1000 (can’t justify the expense otherwise). in the meanwhile, I stick to cheaper Watermans.

  2. Mont Blanc! I found this page by actually searching for pens. I am one of the morons that collects Mont Blanc pens, I have about 15 or 16 of them now as well as a ton of memorabilia… I prefer the roller-ball pens the best. I have a 925 sterling silver mont blanc which I use as my main pen and all the others are just for collecting. Here’s a picture of my silver pen along with one of my limited edition mont blanc which runs around $800.00 now… The silver pen was $600.00 and I use it every day. Before I am called stupid for spending this much on a pen consider your computer purchases… You spend $800 – $2000 on something which is out of date in a week and my pens will retain their full usefulness for my life as well as the lives of whomever inherits them.

    Enjoy your pen and put it to good use! Anyone with a computer can claim to be an artist but not everyone can actually be an artist using only a pen.


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