let’s put mr. aol cd in the microwave

so. the spider and i were in the IM, scheming on what to do with all those AOL CDs. of course you could send them to nomoreaolcds.com, but hell, there are enough to do that and have some leftover to make art. so here we go:

first, go to CD-ROM’s in the Microwave and read up on the subject. notice they don’t recommend using older microwaves, and warn that if the inside of the microwave becomes coated with CD smoke, that it could be a bad thing. hooha.us, its associates and subsidiaries, take no responsibility for what you might do to your kitchen appliances if you acccept this assignment.

but you have AOL CDs don’t you? of course. if you don’t, wait a day or two, it’ll come to you. do something artistic and wild with them. go in the backyard with a fireproof tarp and a butane torch. microwave them. smash them with blunt objects and arrange them artfully.

take pictures and post them. mmmkay? you know you want to.

26 thoughts on “let’s put mr. aol cd in the microwave

  1. My public radio station has an annual audio sale; one of their promos has somebody about to make a mobile out of his old CD’s. The suggestion is that instead he donate them to the station for its sale. I have LOTS of AOL cd’s. I assume one can’t just wipe/format them and use them to burn data onto?

  2. no, this is a new discussion. the thing is, these are non-re-usable as recordable media, and any recycling would be limited to uses other than the storage of data.

    art. art is the answer. you know, melting things, setting them on fire, bashing them with blunt objects, freezing them and shattering their frozen remians. as i said, art.

  3. oooh something to do with them besides attach cork board the bottom with a glue gun and hand them out as coasters to all my friends! Cool! I have been reusing the cool plastic cases they come in sometimes. Anybody remember the art projects people used to make out of AOL floppys?

  4. My brother showed me this trick a couple months ago. It was all spidery-web looking inside, like cracked. Pretty interesting. I can’t say that I’ve tried it in my microwave, though. Hafta pick up one of those worthless AOL cd’s first…

  5. Yeah I’m really leaning towards the disco ball myself!
    Here’s a how to article – it’s not the one I saw first, but still gives you the basics. You will need heavy duty nippers of some kind to cut the cd – and I’m going to have to experiment a bit to see what will marr the surface too much…
    I’ve been really wanting to do this!!!

  6. Um. I once took a big styrofoam sphere and glued chips from shattered AOL CD’s to it to make a poor man’s discoball.

    Can I have my award now? n.n

  7. You are late to the party. CDs are prime material for art cars:

    “We were in a group of 8: first our leader, a small car covered with a mosaic made of shards of CDs. She had used many many copies of the same CD (looked like those free AOL CDs mainly) to make stripes of the same color. This CD car was different from others I’ve seen because the CDs weren’t completely embedded in glue. In fact the edges stuck out all over the place and there was a warning on the side of the car not to cut yourself on the sharp edges. I wondered about the prudence of taking a car like this around to schools, but there doesn’t seem to have been any harm done.”

  8. And check out this sculpture. 642 cds. Neat, huh!

    “You are late to the party. CDs are prime material for art cars”

    Actually in art there is never any “late to the party” – it’s an ongoing festival! And in it, you name a material and it’s already been used in some way – all the more reason to pick the brain of those that have already played with the material and then try your spin on it.

  9. Is there any way to stop the relentless flood of AOL cds in my mailbox? I fear that any contact I initiate with AOL will result in the torrent of cds increasing until my entire apartment building is buried under AOL cds.

  10. i’m trying to think if there is any way that i can make a performance piece combining the aol cds and the reminders from my student loan people….

  11. I was this close (*pinches fingers together*) to trying out the CD-in-the-microwave trick. But then our office manager caught me. Fuckin’ corporate world.

    I usually turn the AOL CDs into coasters, although I recently received a vision of paving my neighborhood streets with them. Might as well, there are enough of the bloody discs on the planet to re-create the Via Appia.

  12. Double sided mounting tape. Afix the cd’s with the writing side towards the ceiling in a circular pattern around the light fixture in a room. Seriously groovy.

  13. i actually did nuke a CD last night. but chris wouldn’t stop pestering me so i couldn’t get the picture posted.

  14. ooohhh!! i don’t know what to do with them yet, but i have 4 of them sitting here right now that just came in the mail last week. coasters? art for my walls? frisbees? home made disco ball? hmmm. the possiblities are endless. the 4 that just came in are new to my collection. i have about 16 cds between aol and earthlink…lol

  15. i must say the homemade disco ball is an incredibly appealing idea. think of the colors! way better than just plain mirror tiles.

  16. I never receive the AOL mail anymore (*knocks on wood*) so I can’t participate.

    Mostly I just wanted to note that I switched to the sponge bob skin tonight and its real purty on mozilla on my g4 running mac os X. the colors the colors.

  17. WAIT!! WAIT!! Before you randomly destroy or throw out ANYTHING, I have a friend who just landed a teaching job…

    We were brainstorming for ideas about how to decorate her media lab and I came up with a bunch of drawings/plans for designs and critters made from recycled CDs and diskettes.

    If you have any to spare, please e-mail me…we would gladly cover your postage!

  18. but i’m not talking about randomly destroying things, i’m talking about making pretty things (by randomly destroying things).

    i must have a cd-disco-ball. i must.

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