meet the parents

my parents do not think they are rabbits. they would never dress up for a monarchy intervention. but i do love them. since they moved to oregon, i’ve seen them twice — once about nine years ago, for a week, and last year, i went up to help out while my dad had surgery. i was such a good little helper, i even got them a new paint job on their new truck! long story.

and they will be in town starting tomorrow, for nine days! i’m pretty excited, as is my son (who’s never met them). they’re staying at the ventura RV resort in their palatial fifth wheeler (thing is way nicer than my house, and almost as big). my parents are simple people who live very frugally, well, except for this little trailer fetish they have. they do love to roam around the west in their RV.

so i’ll have bunches of pictures to post, and hopefully some fun stories to tell, though i don’t think i could top the rabbit thing even if my parents lived to be a hundred.

10 thoughts on “meet the parents

  1. HA! Listen, you can just take my word for it that having parents who dress up for fake interventions is not all it’s cracked up to be! 😉

    Have a wonderful time. Something tells me there will be some prime post-visit blog entries.

  2. heck, there will be plenty of entries during the visit! nine whole days of adventure and … well, no interventions, no bunny-people, but i think i’ll still have some nice pictures and some (relatively) tame stories to tell.

  3. It is my dream to someday be able to retire, buy an RV, and hit the highway. There is a lot to this country that can’t be seen while on 2-week vacations from work, and I wanna see it!

    Heck, I’m tempted to quit my job and live in my car out on the open road right now, except I cannot ever be more than a few steps away from a broadband internet connection. Have a happy 4th of July!

  4. well, my parents have a laptop and there is internet access in many modern trailer parks. also if you are willing to put up with slower speeds, wireless internet cards using the AT&T network, provide access from anywhere. lots of the execs at my work have these things. i would happily kill for this technology, luckily for the execs that’s against the law and i don’t want to go to jail.

    but the technology is available. this is my dream too. the open road, the wireless internet, and me… ahh. yes, a girl *can* dream.

  5. oh, i’d love to do that, like Kelly had her ‘rents guestblogging. i’ll give it a shot, i will. heck, they could come and plugin to my network with their laptop, and that extra cat5 cable i have!

    i did try to get them reading and commenting on my blog but they never did, so, well, maybe this will get them started.

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