morning blues

‘i woke up this morning’ is a classic first line of a blues song. now if you were to look at morning on the bright side, the glass is half full side, you’d say, well here i am, awake and alive, now isn’t that good? and you would not relate to the concept of the blues getting up with you in the morning. i understand completely. even on the weekends, even after four days off, even going to bed at a reasonable hour, morning still hurts. it does not feel good. it in fact feels bad.

no matter how much sleep, i still wake up wanting to sleep more. leaving sleep is maybe the worst part – sleep is interesting, what with all the spacy dreams. lots of dreams. maybe that’s why i’m so tired in the morning, i’m so busy having adventures in my sleep.

at least my son is with the program here. he sleeps in too, and when he does get up he’s likely to crawl up on the couch with me and get under the blanket, although his motor starts up quicker than mine, after that. and he starts to talk. and he natters on, and i realize what’s missing: coffee. nothing can be right before coffee.

i’ve been conscious a whole hour, and i’m still not really awake.

5 thoughts on “morning blues

  1. I’m not an early AM person myself. I find morning blues easily to be the pits on Mondays….. let me not bother to start as another work week beckons. Damn!

  2. i always thought it said ‘i woke up this morning and the sun was gone’ and i always thought that was kinda weird.

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