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so i was reading this over at mena’s blog and i got to thinking. you know that MT is provided free of charge to personal websites, with donations optional. well, ben and mena have done wonderful things for this blogging community, and at this point their server traffic is so heavy that they’re having occasional CGI outages, and are looking at upgrading their hosting — that’s expensive.

i cannot donate at this time, and i feel bad about that. but for all you folks for whom i’ve installed copies of MT (and there are a lot of you!) i’m asking you to consider sending along a little cash to the awesome coding team that’s made all this bloggy goodness possible.

and did you know, if you donate $20 or more, that you will receive a ‘recently updated’ key, and when you post, your blog will be listed on the recently posted list on the front page of MT? in fact, for each $20 donated, you’ll receive a key (if you’re running multiple blogs, for instance).

i think it just rocks that such a great tool is free, for those who are in too much of a bind to donate. but if you’re able to do this for ben and mena, go here.

thank you.

21 thoughts on “movable type

  1. well, i’m sure you know if you do want MT, that i will happily set it up for you — and they you could send Ben and Mena some money, and they could get better hosting, and we’d all have MT for happily ever after.

  2. They are totally on my lottery list. Or even my “random donation when and if we ever start making enough to break even” list

  3. They are good people, and have been very helpful. I donated when I first got MT, plus paid them to load it for me.

  4. yeah, they’re on my ‘when i’m not scrambling to keep the lights on list’ — i swear, it’s gonna be soon!

    in the mean time, i’m utterly grateful that the donating is optional, which means i can have this awesome blogging software. i do love MT.

  5. I donated awhile back and sent another donation when Ben was wonderful enough to help me out when I got hacked – support that I was not entitled to and yet generously given. By my own stupidity I was hacked, and by Ben’s brilliance and patience I was saved… 🙂

  6. I donated shortly after I installed MT, I was so impressed with it (once I stopped swearing at the templates!). I’ve been thinking recently I should make another donation, given how much I use it at Blog On!. I hadn’t got around to it, thanks for the nudge 🙂

  7. Way to make me feel like crap for spending 40 bucks on eBay, kd!
    Actually I meant to do this, then couldn’t, but after the 15th I can, so I will. As said above, thanks for the nudge.

  8. no need to feel bad about shopping on eBay, Krix. i’ve been analyzing my cashflow and probably next month this time i’ll be able to, too. i actually think about this alot, because of how many copies of MT that i install all over the place, and so mostly i wanted to let those people know (since, they really don’t go to the MT site much, so might not realize that it’s donation-supported).

  9. As a longtime holder of two keys, I say “here here!”
    Looks like you can also support them by buying that new how-to blog manual…

  10. I was a good girl, I am new to MT and I had promised if all went well after 2 weeks I would donate. True to my word last week I made my donation and felt it was money well spent. I would have no problem donating again at a later date.

  11. Thank you for reminding me about the MT donations. I am going to donate $20.00 today. Hope you have a pleasant 4th of July!

  12. I donated back when I first started using MT…but now I use it for FOUR blogs, and I think it is time to fork over a few more bucks. MT ROCKS!

  13. If I had MT, I would donate. It seems really cool. And good for you for blogging about it. Maybe someone could do a blog-a-thon for them? Happy 4th!

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