this morning i got right up (highly unusual) because my parents were leaving this morning, and i needed to go say bye. we don’t see each other enough. the RV park by the beach is always damp, of course (lovely 65 degree morning weather there when i was there, and foggy. lovely fog), and there were:

mushrooms in the grass

4 thoughts on “nine-ish

  1. Jon might think that was weird. however if he happens to see this and express interest, we could always connect them all by cell phone and he could take them on a tour of some of his favorite SD haunts.

  2. we all got kinda choked up when i left. infact i cried fairly hard all the way home. the damn radio was playing an elton john rock-block and i remembered all those trailer trips in the 70’s, when i felt like i was being dragged along on my parents lame vacation. oh, what i wouldn’t give to be heading down the road with them now, off school for the summer, seeing the west.

    they’re off to san diego, then long beach on the way back, and they’ll stop for lunch in ventura, monday after next, on their way back up north.

    then when will i see them again? *sigh*

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