what would a blog be without cat pictures? well, yes, i do know the answer to that. however, this is a catpicture kinda blog, so, here we have:

obligatory blogger catpicture

and since i have already been ‘out-side’ once today, well, i may not get out too much more. luckily i have a goodlooking cat.

10 thoughts on “noon-ish

  1. *sigh* I ended up with 4 obligatory blogger cat pictures. Guess that’s what happens when you don’t leave the house and you have 3 cats!

  2. Awwwww. Sweet puddytat. Nothing wrong with an obligitory cat pic. You know, I think you added this while I was commenting on your other posts. Damn, woman. You’re fast.

  3. it’s really hard to get a cat to look at you, when you have a camera in his face. it wasn’t the shot i was hoping for, but i think it came out really nice.

    infact, i am fond enough of that photo that i’m considering making a site skin out of it. after i photoshop out the dirt on the wall.

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