ok, one more ‘thon related post

so i made an appeal to Dan, in a rather direct and pushy manner. Dan had written me apologetically explaining he’d already sponsored bran (who is, herself, blogging for a damn good cause) … and i whined that we were so close to four hundred …

and now we are at four hundred dollars. this rocks.

total for all the blogathonners at this writing? $49941.67.

2 thoughts on “ok, one more ‘thon related post

  1. pMachine’s template became a flaming pain in the ass – I shouldn’t have tried to do it all in one day. MT2 is back where it ought to be, and so now my 24-hours will be taken up building something from scratch. pMachine is a nice system, but the template was too sensitive to slight modifications (like a Blogathon logo…)

  2. Nice one Dan! 🙂

    kd – I hope you’re in your bed sleeping a good sleep and getting a good nights rest before your early start for the blogathon. I’m looking forward to it 🙂

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