pete rocks!

you probably already knew this but i feel the need to engage in a little hero-worship. my goodness. first he made like, the coolest site skin ever – check out his ‘demotivators’ skin, based on the wonderful images from and then, on his homegrown blog tool, he has — get this — created an MT-compatible trackback feature! i’m amazed.

and he points out that there is a monthly bloggy award site here – what a great idea! i think we should all go nominate Pete right now.

an MT-compatible trackback feature. that just rocks.

3 thoughts on “pete rocks!

  1. Aww… *blush* you’re too kind. I just wanted to be cool like all of you MT people. And then, of all the people to get my first Trackback from… it was KD. What a day.

    Seriously, though, I agree that Trackback is an awesome feature, and I hope more people implement it in their blog tools.

  2. i know there is considerable interest among non-MTers in standardizing this to more blog tools. i think it’s just awesome that you implemented it!

  3. hee! Demotivators rule. I use several of them as my screensaver here at work. They just seem so, apt, somehow. 😀

    I’m so psyched about the trackback now. I can’t wait to get everything done and installed so I can play, too. whoo hoo!

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