so i went down to the local RV resort, to visit my parents in their trailer. the RV resort was packed full, and in full-on holiday party mode, including an outdoor karaoke setup complete with a really good p.a. system and disco lights. i am here to tell you that the words ‘outdoor’ and ‘karaoke’ do not go together. it’s not fair to impose that sort of thing on people who don’t choose to be karaoke’d at.

amanda, francois, and kurtwood were there too. isn’t my daughter gorgeous? isn’t her boyfriend cute? isn’t my son a small maniac? yes, yes, and yes.

my parents like to collect magnets from all the various places they visit. this is about half of the magnet wall, and the collection has spilled over to the range hood. they used to collect spoons, i imagine they still have a about a bajillion of those too. as i’ve said before, they love to roam the west in their trailer.

they brought my ex-bird, the former wigbasket (now known as b.j., after b.j. thomas). wigbasket had that name for a reason – he was mildly insane when we had him, and is now completely insane. the only human he tolerates is my dad, everyone else (including my mom), if they are in his view he shrieks incessantly till they are out of sight. i mean, he doesn’t stop. hates people. hates them. you can see in that picture he’s all ruffled, and screaming at me. that’s all anyone but my dad ever sees of him.

and speaking of pictures, i’m going to participate in Patti’s camera day next weekend, kind of a camera-thon, actually, but just an all-day thing. it’ll get me out wandering the neighborhood on an hourly basis, and i’ll probably see things i wouldn’t otherwise, in that whenver the hour changes, i stop then and take a picture. there will be great fun, next sunday.

more news of the parents as it unfolds, i still have to try to get them interested in the fact i have a weblog (efforts thus far have been less than productive).

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  1. he’s doing great. the radiation did damage his lungs a bit, but the tumor is pretty much eliminated. he’s permanently on major bronchodilators, but aside from that, as healthy as can be. and my mom’s finally put on a little weight (she was way too skinny before, she has a gluten intolerance among other things), so they’re both doing well.

  2. what a handsome family you have all the way round. your kids are lovely, (of course) and you can really see the resemblance. were you that blonde too?

  3. actually, we both have brown hair, she went blonde, i went red. hers does tend to get naturally sun-blonde, but she gives it some help too.

  4. Those are some mighty attractive chillens you’ve got there, kd. How wonderful to have your whole family together like this!

  5. great photos! maybe someone should explain to wigbasket how the cow ate the cabbage, that might straighten his act out.

  6. Kd- great to see pics of your family! Maybe I missed it somewhere along the line, but, where does your daughter live? She’s adorable. And your son looks like he’s thrilled to be hanging out with family. Your parents have the kind of life I’d like to have at that age. Nothing but traveling… seeing the country. Thanks for sharing…

  7. my daughter’s all grown up, she lives with that cute french guy she’s sitting next to (francois). she’ll be twenty in december. she’s going to school to become a massage therapist, and working as a waitress. i have the greatest daughter! i’m so proud of her.

  8. Interesting them should be easy; just tell them you have pictures of them on it. I have never, ever met anyone who didn’t have any interest in pictures of themselves. 😉

  9. kd, I see YOU in your daughter, and yes, she’s gorgeous. 😀 Kurtwood is ALWAYS cute. hee!

    We collect magnets, too! Everywhere we go, we always make sure we grab a magnet. They’re all over the fridge right now.

    I’m so glad that you’re having a good time with your family. lol…my parents aren’t the least bit interested in my weblog, either. Which surprises me–I figured (if nothing else), they’d be curious enough to peek once in a while. 😉

  10. oooh! my granny has a ratty old bird like that! all i’ve ever heard him say is “dianne!”… which makes my auntie dianne come back to my granny’s room and say “are you calling me, mom?” rofl! he sounds just like my granny. and when i talk to my animals? i sound just like my granny, talkin’ to her birds… 🙂

  11. yeah, i actually sent them a full-on invitation with links and everything, you’d think that would have piqued their curiosity, but no. it was kinda weird because as i was taking pictures of everything, i was trying to explain the whys of things (you take different pictures to blog than you might for other purposes, really.) well, we’ll get them reading this, hopefully. i’d love to have them hang out on my blog and comment like Jon’s folks do, and Kelly’s. that would be so fun.

  12. eh — it’ll be enough of an amazing thing if i actually do get out of my house as far as the neighborhood, that day. chances are there will be a number of ‘view from the computer’ photos — things like, that pile of clean laundry needing folded, or, those dishes i need to take to the sink. this would be more representative of my sundays, anyway.

  13. oh, and ratty? i’m not sure that bird has ever talked. i think they had him saying somehting at one point, but he’s too insane to focus on talking. he’s too busy freaking out about everything.

    they never should have changed his name. wigbasket so suits him.

  14. Terrific pictures, all. As far as camera day, I’d have pics similar to yours. 17 pics of my computer monitor/office, and another 7 of the TV or TV room.

  15. Hi, KD. Yes, your daughter is a drop-dead knockout, Kurts cute too. Glad you’re having so much family fun, I couldn’t imagine not seeing my parents for so long. I used to have a parrot too. It never spoke either, and it actually bit me once or twice. My brother-in-law had a cockateel (recently deceased) that was much much more friendly. I guess its related to the amount of time and effort put into gentling them. Baby (that was the cockateel’s name) was quite tame and gentle, she’d ride up and down on his shoulder, and he could put her on other people without her getting overly excited and biting the hell out of someone. Unfortunately she died recently… We all will miss her.

  16. i love the pics too, kd, even though i’m late. gorgeous daughter and boyfriend, adorable kid, handsome father… and your mom reminds me of my dear old aunt babe. she was a pistol.

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